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All About Her Wigs

POPSUGAR: How is London beauty different than New York beauty?

Rita Ora: Well the difference for me is not a lot, actually. To me, worldwide beauty is really one word. It means bringing the beauty out of yourself — whatever skin color, hair color, or eye color you have. There really isn't a difference.

PS: You're constantly changing your hair hue. Have you learned any lessons from changing the shade so often?

RO: I love playing with hair colors and semipermanent dyes. My hairstylist Chris [Appleton] is just as experimental as I am, so we buy 20 million wigs and play with them. We cut them up and mess around. It's all about characters. We just love creating different types of characters.

PS: Let's talk about nails. You have on glitter today, but what nail designs are you loving these days?

RO: I have glitter today because I knew I was wearing silver, and it's an unusual dress. I love the fact that it's like that. I love the Japanese nail art, and I'm obsessed with what you can do with nails. It's another form of decorating yourself, so why wouldn't you?