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Fresh Skin

To take as many selfies as Beyoncé does on Instagram, you've got to have clear, bright skin. Luckily, it looks like the singer is never going to age. Her dewy complexion is what estheticians' dreams are made of. Keep acne at bay (like Bey!) by following these 21 blemish-busting tips.

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz
DanielleAsher1394136722 DanielleAsher1394136722 1 year

Clearly you can see some beginning breakout here as well as that odd pimple on her breast which I honestly would not have noticed any of this had you not blown her face up like this lol She's got skin like most every one else. The photo is way too close up though. You can see the lace of her wig. They'll probably have this picture pulled from the net also lol Pretty dress though!

koko2 koko2 1 year

NEWS FLASH: Beyonce is BLACK!! It's not a tan, that's her complexion. And speaking of complexions...what exactly is "too dark" when you're referring to an African-American? Shame on you Lauren Levinson