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Curiouser and Curiouser

Holly Azzara created this amazing full-back tattoo done in the Disney style. If you look closely, you can see almost all the characters from the movie done exactly as you remember them.

Image Source: Instagram
msshellokitty msshellokitty 6 years
That tat is amazing.I love it.
DontStpTheMusic7 DontStpTheMusic7 6 years
Awesome tat. LOVE the color and the detail.
Hello890 Hello890 6 years
I hate tattoos, but this piece is amazing!
jackinstuff69 jackinstuff69 6 years
most people dont regret good tattoos its the ones that look bad or done by friends with not enough experiance..ya know going in its forever i waited till i was in my 30's to start getting mine and i love them all i live and love music so i have musical tattoo's on my lhip/eg/thigh/knee its now all one long piece and upper and lower back and back of my neck.when i have clothes on no one ever sees any of hair is long so it covers my neck piece
cordata cordata 6 years
Some of these are really awesome. I think Alice in Wonderland is a far more timeless story than something like Twilight, so I don't think people are necessarily going to regret these tattoos
bchicgrl bchicgrl 6 years
I love the detail in this tattoo, it's fricken awesome
jocelyn2 jocelyn2 6 years
I imagine this person is going to regret this tattoo some day, I don't care how much they like Alice in Wonderland....
sham28 sham28 6 years
Holy CRAP that must have been painful and expensive!!!
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