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The End

The result is pretty, voluminous waves that look casual and perfect for a weekend lunch date or day at the beach.

4 years
pretty girl, fluffy, fun hairdo - what's not to like
loveisblind loveisblind 4 years
You are very cute but the hair is not. This look could have been achieved by air drying your hair with a thickening mousse on damp hair and tousling your dry hair a few times with your fingers. Maybe if you put a hairspray on the rolls before you removed them?
4 years
I'm confused--the hair does NOT look looks like a mess, and I don't see any waves at all.
5 years
seriously? her hair looked better before the coke can rollers. you guys will do anything as long as lady gaga does it. talk about lame. go find a cliff you lemmings.
Sweedalicious Sweedalicious 5 years
The hair isn't cute. It looks like she got caught in the rain and let it dry, then didn't comb it!
5 years
This is nothing new or unique. In the 60s (yes....I'm that old) , girls used frozen juice cans to set their hair. It gave the hair body instead of curl. Girls also ironed their hair (flat irons anyone? ) ...only we used clothing irons lol. Everything old is new again.
nancita nancita 5 years
The sunglasses really make the look come together!
greykatt greykatt 5 years
my good nes... I guess if you don't mind possibly cutting your finger. But still it doesn't seem to be worth the trouble to look like a crazed bag lady!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 5 years
Your hair color is amazing!