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We Kindly Request . . .

You shower in a place where a drainage system actually exists.

Source: Flickr User JOE MARINARO

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5 years
I second the above comment. I have family in Taiwan, and there are drains in the floor of many bathrooms. You are not expected to climb into the tub to shower or bathe. You use the tub to fill with warm water, and then you use a bucket to pour it over yourself while you squat on the floor and wash. The first time someone set up the bath for me, I hopped into the tub and embarrassed myself. It was wasteful. The tub of water was meant for several people to be able to bathe had I not used it all up by sitting in it.
5 years
This picture is because in Japan there are drainage holes in the washroom floors of almost every home and people can take a shower without a bathtub... Maybe you should learn how other cultures work before you make fun of them...