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Make a Commitment to Yourself

You're making the move toward greater financial independence for you and nobody else. Take a look in the mirror, and imagine the person you want to be, particularly that person who has total control of her money. Commit yourself to becoming that person and don't look back!

Do this: Start off your new financial independence resolve by educating yourself on what you need to do to get your personal finances into good shape. I recommend reading Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You to Be Rich to start with!

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melanie38 melanie38 5 years
I would normally not post a comment this late @ night. The short post about looking in the mirror, immagining yourself as the person you strive is all helpful. This may motivate a woman to press on. The majority will forget what was read in about 10 minutes. I will call myself an expert in this area, only because it may take a regular person who has experienceced triumph, loss, triumph again to lave a small exerpt of what reallly needs to be done. Many, may have set backs because of insureities of failing, or time from busy lives may deter this.What ever the case may be in your own personal life. There are specific things that may have to drastically change your lifestyle. I'm not saying to abandon all your responsibilities as I may of listed. However, the financial freedom cannot come from loooking @ money the same way. Or, if there is no moey to begin with, even harder work will have to happen. The very 1st. thing is to write out 4-5 short term goals you would like to accomplish. No matter what they are. Write 1 long term goal you would like to accomplish in 6mths. This should have to do with money in some aspect. As you start to check off the obtainable goals, the wheels will start to turn. Now, you've already determined what the final place you would like to see yourself @ in 5 years(maybe shorter)unless you have started dilegentley working, researching carefully on how to do this it won't get done. Remember you are still living a hectic life as we all do, long nights, hard work, lack of sleep will happen, keep in mind you are working so hard to accomplish this dream, giving up is not an option. This is what you wanted & deserve.Reading a book is fine on how-to's, but after all this work you will not be the same person, Your drive will increase dramatically. The dream is taking form. There will be moments of exhaustion that will want you to throw your arms up in the air & say forget it, I'm done trying. Take a nap. Get up, you will see things alot clearer, motivation will come right back. I did this exactly how I just worded it, also use motivaltional quotes. I use them 3 times a day. No negative people/things would deter me. My reason's were for 1st. survival. 2nd. but just as important, I made a decision, I would not leave this world someday, to have no point to have been here in the 1st, place. Life has brought me so much joy, & can say I'm having the time of my life. Doing & helping other's. Doing what Makes me live a life of happiness & I sleep well @ night. Financial freedom is a prize.It may bring you 10 fold, but never forget how prouf you will feel to know you did what made you live the life of your dreams!!!!
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