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2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Highlights | Video

Video: A Sky-Diving Queen, Beckham on a Boat, and More Olympics Opening Ceremony Moments!

From Kate Middleton and Prince William welcoming a sky-diving Queen, to David Beckham driving a boat under the famous Tower Bridge — we've got all the must-see moments from the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony! Check out the best of Britain's big show in this PopSugar Rush.

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From Kate Middleton and Prince welcoming a skydiving queen to David Beckham driving a boat under the famous tower bridge, we've got all the must-see moments from the 2012 Olympics Olympics opening ceremony. Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes and joining us is Lauren Bradshaw. Hey. The best of Britain's big show is in today's Pop sugar rush. Let's kick things off with the Queen who is usually very prim and proper but here she's showing off her humorous side. And she taped alongside Daniel Crag, James Bond himself. It looks like she's skydiving into the Olympic stadium. Take a look for yourself. Good evening, Your Majesty. What a fun way to kick things off and I love that the Queen is showing her fun side, she even featured her beloved Corgis in the interview. Yeah, this was a great entrance, and when she took her seat we say her kind of near Will, Kate and Well, they were a little bit behind our little tour lap. And the entire time they were just smiling during the program and looked really excited to be there. The Queen herself looked maybe a little bit tired when the camera panned to her, but keep in mind this was a very long program. It didn't really get done until around 1 AM. It was late in London. She had a long day. It's hard to top the queen, but If anyone could do it, perhaps it's David Beckham, who was all suited up to drive a speedboat under the Tower bridge. The boat actually had the the Olympic torch. Let's take a look. So, a lot was made about what David's role would be in the opening ceremony and he even said that he was really nervous about messing it up. But man, he pulled it off! He was wearing that suit, looked col, calm, and collected, and he drove that boat with conviction, man. Yeah and speaking of James Bond, this was a James Bond moment to me. David Beckham looked like James Bond. He did. But like you said, a lot was made about what role he was playing in the opening ceremony ceremony and he specifically said he did not want to light the cauldron because he felt like that was something that belonged to the Olympic athletes, but I felt like having him, you know, come in on the boat with the torch was very appropriate. and he did, he helped facilitate the movement of the torch, and an Olympian in fact, did take it into the stadium, so all is right. Another famous face that was spotted in the proud with Michelle Obama cheering on Team USA as they took their turn around the stadium in their Ralph Lauren uniforms. I love her. Her enthusiasm is just infectious and you know she's always is known for wearing bright colors and here she is in her cheery yellow jacket to cheer on the team. Well Speaking of clothing, let's talk about Team USA's uniform because it's a rare sight to see Kobe Bryant in a beret. It is He pulls it off. Yeah. He does. Well, getting back to some more British related surprises during the show, there was a whole literary tribute which was kicked off by Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter's villain JK Rowling was even there to read a few lines from the book. Tons of children were involved in this. And, there was actually a portion that It was dedicated to Mary Poppins, and it was just really magical, with all the women and their umbrellas that lit up. Yeah, the whole thing was very cinematic, and, you know, the creative mastermind behind this entire show was Danny Boyle who's an Oscar winning director. It makes sense because it felt like the entire time I was watching a movie. Yeah, in fact, the title of the show was "The Isles of Wonder". And, in fact, there were a lot of wonder to be watched. And to close out the show, was the one and only Paul McCartney who did a rousing rendition of "Hey Jude". All right, [xx]. Well before Bieber Fever, there was Beatlemania thanks to this man and his three band mates. I mean, what a special way to bring everyone together through music. Sir Paul McCartney even stood up and did a singalong with everybody in the crowd, it was really special to see. Yeah. And this wasn't the only time we saw the Beatles come up during the show. Their songs were also earlier in the program, and some people came out dressed like the Beatles and they're hating. Yeah. So, it kind of was throwing lines throughout the entire show. Yeah. Like you said, the moment where you got the entire audience to sing along, I mean, I definitely got this song. I was singing along. Yeah. Well, if the closing ceremony on August 12th is anything as good as this, it's definitely gonna be one to watch. We will be watching and you can catch all of the Olympics action at For now, I'm Karli Bulnes. I'm Lauren Bradshaw. And we'll both see you next time on PopSugar Rush!

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