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50 Shades of Grey Ian Somerhalder Casting Rumor (Video)

Video: Why Ian Somerhalder Should Star in 50 Shades of Grey

Ever since it was announced that 50 Shades of Grey would be made into a movie, fans have been taking their best guesses at who should play the book's leading man, and now one actor is throwing his name into the ring. Ian Somerhalder expressed his interest in the part on Ryan Seacrest's radio show yesterday, and we think he'd be a great choice! Find out why in PopSugar Rush, and tell us if you agree.

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Is Ian Somerhalder the perfect pick for Fifty Shades of Grey? Hey there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and we're sharing our thoughts on this casting buzz and telling you what Ian himself had to say in today's PopSugar Rush. It's been number one on the New York Time's Bestseller List and it's headed to Hollywood. We're talking of course about Fifty Shades of Grey. Ever since it was announced that the book would be made into a movie, fans have been taking their best guesses about who should play leading man Christian Grey. And as of yesterday, one actor in particular throwing his name into the ring. You potentially, you could be up for the role of Christian. Potentially. Is that something you'd be interested in? Ryan, yeah. Ian Somerhalder stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show, where he spoke about his interest in playing the role, and we happen to think he's the perfect pick. Joining me now is TresSugar editor Annie Scudder to help explain why. Hey, Annie. Hi. So tell me a little bit about Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. A lot of people are about this. Obviously it seems like a good fit. The character in the book is 27. Ian could pass for 27. He's described as very good looking. Ian is very good looking. But why else do you think he'd be good for the part? So, as you said, Ian is hot and he definitely has the smirk and smolder that Christian have in the book, plus the character of Anna is always describing how hot Christian looks in various states of undress, and as we saw last week on The Vampire Diaries, Ian looks really good walking around without a shirt. Well, definitely. And his character on the Vampire Diaries, Damon, has close similarities other than even a physical that are also little similar to Christian in the book as well. Yes. So, Damon on The Vampire Diaries is dark and moody, and of the Salvatore brothers, I think he's the most likely to follow his libido. Ian has actually done on-camera sex scenes before, right? Tell me about that. Yes. So while the material might seem a little racy for some actors. In HBO's Tell Me You Love Me, Ian really pushed the boundaries there with some racy sex scenes and I think he could pull it off. Well, other than Ian, who do you think would be good for him? I definitely picked for Michael Fassbender. He has the look, and as we found in Shame, he knows how to play the perverse businessman. But I think he might be a little too old to pull off 27 and this might be just too familiar territory for him. If you're a 50 Shades of Grey fan, tell us if you think Ian's a good choice for the role or if you'd put someone else in the part. We'll be following the casting news as it's announced, so keep checking back to PopSugar TV. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and thanks for watching PopSugar Rush.

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harrill harrill 3 years
Very much need a very MASCULINE actor with chest hair like the Tom Selleck type. Seems most mentioned for the role are small men not quite masculine enough. As for Mrs. Robinson, definitely Sharon Stone.
Lili2798491 Lili2798491 3 years
No would not fit the part
brooke-g brooke-g 3 years
YES!!!!! Ian is SOOOOOOOO Christian Gray! He's sexy, DEF has the eyes & the smouldering looks!!!! I cannot picture anyone else for this role & would DEF be dissappointed if not picked! 
jessdarr jessdarr 3 years
Ian is my perfect Christian Grey... he has the chiseled jaw line Anna describes in the book.  Plus, the intensity in the eyes that's needed.  Matt Bomer would have done it for me if I didn't know he was gay.  I know, I know... it's acting and him being gay shouldn't matter- and it usually wouldn't matter for me (Barney on How I met your Mother for instance), but for THIS character he has to be straight in my opinion.     Also, I don't think it should be a feature film in movie theaters... cause it will RUIN it... but I can see an HBO movie for sure!      Oh... I also pic Emmy Rosum or Amanda Seyfried for Anna.  
kb1098 kb1098 3 years
I agree Ian has all the qualities of Christian Grey.  I never thought of him until I looked around for cast.  I saw him on an airplane once and when he looked up at me, he made me feel exactly as Anastasia explains in the book.  I can't picture the actress for her role yet.  I also would consider Ryan Gosling.  He makes me feel that way already.  They both could play young rich guys with a control freak in them.
Briana2639077 Briana2639077 3 years
NOOOOOOOOO, I love Ian but definitely not as Christian.  My suggestion is Christian Grey: Henry Cavill, Ana Steele: Lyndsy Fonseca
Ashley2632036 Ashley2632036 3 years
Ian Somerhalder is my Christian. NO DOUBT! He is absolutely PERFECT! He NEEDS to play this role!!!!
nikkisoda nikkisoda 3 years
 @nomie Alexander Skarsgard all the way!!!
Zina2619860 Zina2619860 3 years
Ian would be the PERFECT pick for 50 Shades!!!
sjh sjh 3 years
Rooney Mara should play Anastasia!! She'd be perfect.  Mature enough to handle the role. She captures the the duality of innocence and sexual daring that Anastasis' character has. She's a beautiful girl but not too gorgeous.  This is an essential quality in Anastasia as she grapples with her self esteem. That my 2cents -sjh
kmasotto kmasotto 3 years
Hayden Christiansen or Alex Pettyfer
Ricky2617498 Ricky2617498 3 years
Seattle celebrity and PBS travel host Rick Steves should play Christian Grey.
Joynow Joynow 3 years
Henry Cavill for sure.
nomie nomie 3 years
although i still don't agree that it should be made into a movie...i would give alexander skarsgard ALL my votes...all they need to do is darken is hair. everything else is in the bag! ugh!! so gorgeous... 
Angelica Angelica 3 years
I like this!
Patty2614755 Patty2614755 3 years
NO NO NO!!!!!!! ALL WRONG!!!!!  
borealis borealis 3 years
As much as I love Ian (ever since Lost), I can't see anyone else playing Christian Grey than Matt Bomer!  He fits the description of Christian in the books exactly.  I will be very disappointed if he's not the one cast.
brandypacheco brandypacheco 3 years
i think henry caville should play christian grey
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