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Aaron Paul SAG Awards 2012 Red Carpet (Video)

Video: Aaron Paul on Breaking Bad's "OMG" Finale and What to Expect Next Season

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul stepped out at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards as a nominee in the outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series category, but before the big show started, he chatted with us about his show's unpredictable season finale. Hear his thoughts on that and find out what's to come next season in our red-carpet interview!

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You look nice. You look very nice. Thank you. You know, I gotta tell you. I'm a fellow Idahoan. Are you? Eagle High School Grad. No way. Wow. Yeah. Centennial High. This is my sister Danielle. she's from Centennial. Yeah. Pretty cool. And I'm also a big Breaking Bad fan. Oh thank you. So the season finale was pretty shocking. Yeah. What was your reaction when you got that script? How far ahead did you see it? I got that script maybe a week and a half, two weeks before we started shooting and I couldn't believe it. I screamed out loud when I read that and the final moments is like, oh my God, Walter White discontinues just be so venomous. How do you think things are going to progress between Walter and Jesse? I know a lot of diehard fans kind of have a theory, but at some point you end to off him. Who knows if that's ever going to happen, but. I think, well, hopefully Jesse will find out the things that Walt has been doing behind his back, but who knows what would happen if he did find out, but I think it's going to end on a pretty crazy note. Well, congratulations. Thanks you so much. Thank you.

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