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Adam Brody Damsels in Distress Interview (Video)

Adam Brody's Pickup Philosophy: "Seduce and Destroy!"

Adam Brody is back on the big screen in Friday's Damsels in Distress, a movie about a group of college girls seeking to improve the mental health of their classmates through unconventional means. Adam plays Charlie, a suave guy who irks the ladies by attempting some old-fashioned pickup moves. At a recent press day in NYC, Adam told us about his own dating philosophy along with his costar Analeigh Tipton. Adam also addressed the odds of his return to TV like his former The OC costars Rachel Bilson and Ben McKenzie. Riffing on the plots of Rachel's Hart of Dixie and Ben's Southland, Adam proposed a rather interesting series for himself.

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sending drinks over, and old school courtship. I'm not against that. Seduce and destroy, whatever it takes. New York transplant cop in a southern town. Match those to make a lot of new friends. A lot of talented people. To get to work with so many talented people. Yeah, I mean everybody bring something to the table. And it's kind of like summer camp, the more the merrier. And the movie is comprised of this big ensemble cast, and it's this fully realized world. I just think that's what's really fun about it too all the individual characters, but collectively there's this really nice whole that comprises this school, that I think is,What 's the word I'm looking for? Comfort. I play a character named Charlie, or at least that's the name he goes by. And he passes himself off as fairly suave, but in fact he's a student at the school and he was hiding his identity, although not with horrible intentions. I mean, with the idea of meeting women. I just witty dialog so funny, and rich, and thoughtful, and there's so many ideas there, that it was great. And It was great to play a character that starts as one way and then you throughout the course of the movie realize, much like Greta's character, that he's crazier than he thought and a little crazier notnot in a bad way, necessarily, but he's just. Yeah, he's a little more eccentric. I mean, I think anything like that with the right intention behind it is wonderful. It's deciphering which person has the right gesture behind their action. But I think, you know, things like that open doors and sending drinks over, and what is it, old school courtship. Yeah. I'm not against that. Seducing is destroy, whatever it takes. Even though this movie is about college, Whit's dialog is so intelligent, the ideas are more than that to me. So I don't really look at it as college. I'm significantly older than both, so They're such different projects, I mean, but in terms of the high school versus the college. I mean, it hasn't really. I'm too old for both. So it just feels the same. Anyway, maybe some sort of New York transplant cop in a Southern town, you know. Yeah, good concept. Just mash those shows up.

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