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Adrien Brody Would Design a Fashion Line Video

Adrien Brody on His Favorite Hobbies, Designing a Clothing Line, and His New "Personal" Film

Adrien Brody plays a teacher in his new movie Detachment, and it's a role that didn't require much stretching for the Queens-born son of a college professor. He told us about the plus sides of shooting a movie in and around his hometown, as well as explaining what it's like to be both the star and producer of a film. Just a few months ago, Adrien tried something new by hitting the runway as a model during the Prada show at men's Fashion Week. Adrien says he loves clothes, and that designing his own line someday isn't out of the picture! Between all the jet-setting and moviemaking, Adrien says he loves to relax when he can — find out what Adrien's not-so-secret hobbies are.

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I make music. But I really haven't have time for that much lately. But I sequence and compose on the computer. I think it's very personal actually to me, the more I think about it. I mean, I grew up in public school and... So you play a teacher in Detachment and your father was also an educator. In what way did his career shape your performance? I have been spoken to by someone who's knowledgeable and thoughtful and patient for many years. So I was able to kind of draw from that. You are a producer of this film as well as the star, so can you tell me about how making a movie is different when you have those two hats on. My interest in producing only stems from trying trying to make as good a movie as I can make and having a legitimate voice not just being heard because I'm an actor and a crucial part of the film-making process, but actually have a place. You grew up in the city and the movie was actually filmed in New York and on Long Island. So was it really fun to get to make a movie where you're from? Yeah. And I think it's very personal actually to me the more I think about it. I mean, I grew up in public school. It wasn't a great experience. It was, you know, but I understand, the nature of it, understand all, you know, all the obstacles that young people face and the importance of trying to instill an education and also encourage them to become individuals and become, to help them grow, and... You're quite a busy guy. So when you have a rare day off, what sort of things do you really like to do? So I like to hike and do outdoor activities if weather permitting. Sometimes I like to just read and I make music, but I haven't really had much time for that much lately but I sequence and compose on the computer, dream of stuff, looks things up online just pretty normal. Just take it slow. And it was pretty interesting to see you on the runway during Men's Fashion Week. So is fashion a long time interest of yours or is there thinks we'd ever see an Adrien Brody collection? Its funny that you say that. I've considered it, I like having, you know, to be able to put together things with my own sense of style and I guess I do like fashion in that respect and I definitely feel that wardrobe clothing really is a very valuable tool also as an actor, but I think it's part of what motivates us to buy certain things. You look lovely in your top and that's and that's what, you know, we wear things that make us feel good and look good. And it's creative. It's...I like creative outlets.

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