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Alexander Skarsgard Battleship Interview (Video)

Alexander Skarsgard on Reconnecting With His Navy Roots in Battleship

Alexander Skarsgard stars in May 18's Battleship, and we had a chance to chat with him during a recent junket in Hawaii. The role is one close to Alexander's heart, since he actually served in the navy of his home country, Sweden. Alexander told us how he and director Peter Berg had a great time getting to shoot on actual US ships. There was more fun in store for Alexander, who shared many a scene with the "generous" and "playful" Taylor Kitsch.

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an amazing experience to spend a day on that ship walking around, just talk to all the sailors, it's a floating city. The problem with Alex is he does it and it's like trainweck and Stone was like, "All right I've had it, like you're joining and that's it." So, Alexander you have a bit of a military background yourself, does that inform this role at all or was it still kind of a link played. It was helpful definitely having that experience. Actually, commanding officer of a destroyer, it is one of those big ships. Definitely, right behind us here. It's quite different from Generation Kill or the unit I was in the navy. Plus, I got to fly out here for impact two years ago, before we shot the film obviously And I got to spend a week out here, hanging out on the ships, hanging out with sailors, spending time with the commanding officer. Asking him, All my stupid questions and that helped a lot. Well Peter said he kind of felt like a 12 year old kid again getting to work on these ships Everyday, it had to have been really fun. It was just amazing, you know we got to fly land on the USS Ronald Regan, one of those where you land on the deck and they catch you, you've got to land in less than 200 meters an amazing experience. Yeah. And to spend a day on that ship walking around, just talk to all the sailors; it's like a floating city Now you were talking a little bit about your character, the commander, he is kind of the big brother who dishes out the tough love, to the other characters Did that kind of mirror your own life a little bit 'cause I know you're the oldest in your family. I got six younger siblings, so it's tough for Stone. Their parents are gone so he's trying to figure out, he's very diligent and hardworking. Alex, his younger brother, is not. But it's tough, 'cause they love each other a lot, have fun together, they're buddies, but it's that when you step in, when you let your brother make mistakes, when you let him do his thing and hopefully learn from those mistakes. The problem with Alex is, he does it. It's like a trainwreck and Stone was like, "All right I've had it, you're joining me in the movie and like that's it." Right. Well did you and Taylor get a chance to kind of do some brotherly bonding off the set, hanging out in? Yeah, we were out here for two months so we definitely got that, definitely had time to hang out and have some fun. What impressed you about him as an actor? He's very generous as an actor and it's very playful and that's why it's great working with Pete as well. And I think that's why they get along so well. They worked a lot together. I've never worked on a big studio movie before so I didn't know how much freedom you would have as an actor on a movie like this. I just trusted Pete. He's an actor himself and we had so much fun. He loves his actors to actually engage and have ideas, change things, if they're not happy and play around with it

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