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Alice Eve on Being Buried Alive in The Raven (Video)

Alice Eve on the Dirty Business of Being Buried Alive in The Raven

Alice Eve takes on the role of Edgar Allen Poe's love interest, Emily Hamilton, in the chilling new thriller The Raven. Playing a damsel in distress came with quite a few challenges for the actress, from heavy dresses and corsets to being buried alive, and we sat down her at a recent press day to hear all about them. While chatting about her character's dramatic circumstances, Alice even mentioned a real fear of hers that was brought to the surface while filming. She also revealed how she and leading man John Cusack collaborated to come up with one of their romantic scenes in the movie. Check out our interview here and catch The Raven in theaters today.

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the dirt being thrown in my face got tiresome. You know, it's so uncomfortable, but it's no less comfortable in high heels. That's true. It's a kind of pain that we know, it's just in a different area. You actually had to get buried alive to film this movie. Yeah. How terrible was that? The anticipation of it was actually more terrible than the doing of it, which is kind of the case with most bad things in life, like imagining it once you're going through it, you're going through it. But there were moments, definitely there were moments when I was only in the coffin that was pretty horrific, and then the dirt being thrown in my face got tiresome. I have this fear, my fear is that my eyeball will be scratched. Sometimes, I worry that a piece of paper is going to scratch my eyeball. when I'm reading a book that it is going to leap out and scratch it and I used to worry that the dirt when it was being thrown in my face was going to scratch my actual eyeball. Well, that's real fair. Yeah, I guess that was like more scary to me than the burial. How was it shot? Like, where was the camera in relation to where. It moved a lot. Okay. I mean, there was one shot when I was fully in the camera was just kind of lopped off and I had to jump out and they had to pick me up and there were others where it was above me, and then they took one of the walls down and from the side and they covered that angle. So on the plus side of this role, you got to wear some pretty phenomenal costumes. So we'd all went into the look of were you in corsets? Definitely corsets and I kind of figured out that the reason that you have to wear a corset with those costumes and the reason that they wore them is that it actually sort of gives a structure by which the cage and the boning and the lace can hang off. Because it's all so heavy. You would carry like 20 pounds around, 15 pounds around with you. Oh my gosh! I don't mind a corset. I am a little bad about my posture so I don't mind being reminded to sit straight. But yeah, That was fun. Was it comfortable? No, you know it's not comfortable, but it's no less comfortable in high heels. It's a kind of pain that we know, it's just in a different area. We are just used to it? Yeah. used to it on your feet. What was it like working with John Cusack? He was fantastic to work with. He's a very generous actor and he's very interested in like talking about it collaborating on the process of the love affair and, you know, what it means. And we got into very kind of conversations about what is love and what isn't it and it was a really interesting experience. And I got to know him very well 'cause vacation, sit and drink tea while you're like wishing you were at home and passing the time We know he collaborated with James the director quite a bit. Did you throw in two cents occasionally? Yeah, I definitely joined in all those meetings and I really enjoyed the conversations, and we changed a lot of scenes and we were allowed to improvise in what out and we had a lot of conversation in the house on the builder. Is there any example that you can think of where something you said resulted in being in the movie I think maybe there was the moment when we say "I love you" in the ballroom. That was I think

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