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Alicia Silverstone on Juice Beauty, Green Parenting (Video)

Alicia Silverstone on Her Eco-Friendly Beauty Launch, Green Parenting, and Clueless Reunions

Alicia Silverstone may be best known for her acting career, but the eco-activist and mom recently took on a new challenge: developing her own collection of makeup and skin care with Juice Beauty. Alicia is a longtime vegan and champion for all things green, and she stopped by PopSugar studios to talk about applying that philosophy to her Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty range. We also chatted about how she instills her passion for the environment in her young son, Bear Blu, and her role on ABC's Suburgatory. She reunited with her Clueless costar Jeremy Sisto on the comedy and also recently wrapped a new movie with Clueless creator Amy Heckerling. The somewhat satirical vampire film, Vamps, is slated to hit theaters in the Fall. See how Alicia compared that project to the Twilight Saga in our interview, and find Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty products at Ulta stores everywhere now.

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when you have sort of these guidelines of like, okay, I don't want to have anything unhealthy and I don't want this to hurt the planet and I don't want it to hurt animals. And then I want it to be amazing, be delicious, and have it work great. Okay, here's the answer. Amy Acker Lane is so smart and her writing is so good because it's all, I think young People love the clothes and people want every one of the girls want to like, have a coffee in their house. Okay everyone, it's Lindsey from "Pop Sugar". here today with Alicia Silverstone, who has a really new, exciting beauty line. Tell me a little bit about Juice Beauty. I've had so much fun doing it. It's been a really fun thing sort of you can get very overwhelmed with all the choices out there, right? Right. But when you have sort of these guidelines of like, okay, I don't want to have anything unhealthy and I don't want this to hurt the planet and I don't want it to hurt animals. What's and then I want it to be amazing and be delicious and have it work great. Okay, here's the answer. I challenge my, I'll show you my little highlighter, I challenge this highlighter. That's beautiful and the packaging is so gorgeous. Like you never would look at it and guess that it was 100% recycled almost. Yeah, well this is all recycled paper, and then this is all natural ingredients and the colors are really, really pretty. The ingredients are like shea butter, avocado, sesame seeds, champagne grapes. Wow . Passion fruit, fruit juice, aloe vera, stuff like that. So, really yummy, good, nourishing ingredients. There's nothing harsh or toxic going into your skin. And they perform just as well as everything else out there but without all the yucky stuff. I wanted the cleanser to feel fresh but also be like a really sensual yummy smell. Right. So, I love Chamomile and Echinacea, the blend. It was just finding that perfect formulation that would work. Well and like you said, being green is really important to you and has been for so many years. So how did you kind of incorporate that philosophy into these products? With teaming up with Juice Beauty, they use solar panels to run their business. All of their farmers, they're sourcing organic.Organic certified local farms. Our product, the bottle is made of 95% recycled material, so that means - It comes recycle. It's made out of plastic bottles. Oh, okay. So anything that was going to end up in a landfill has now been reused. And repurposed into these bottles. So what do you think more women should know about their cosmetics and their beauty regiment? Well, I think that the secret to the most beautiful skin and glowing. You know, glowing vibrant skin is your diet first. So of course I recommend reading "The Kind Diet". Because if you clean yourself up. all your skin just becomes this glowy, dewy, yumminess, right? But then when, when you go to put things on it you want to treat it the same way you would what you're eating. You weren't vegan and really concerned with green efforts all of your life, so how did that kind of come about for you? In my book "The Kind Diet," I talk a lot about flirting and there's sort of stages, you can be a flirt, you can be vegan or you can be a superhero. I was veggie for a while and then I'd forget and then I'd go back, and then I'd forget, so I was in what I call the flirting stage. Sure. Had someone come along and be like, "Lady, this is gonna save you. Yeah. This is gonna make all your skin problems go away. You're gonna have a great body. You're gonna feel amazing. You're gonna like everything that you could possibly, all your mood swings, everything is gonna go away. This is the answer." If somebody had come and done that to me, well, I probably would've listened. If you had talked to me about health when I was 21 years old, I would have been like, "Screw you." I don't know if 21 year olds would. So your a mom, so how do you sort of instill your green philosophy? Well, I don't really try to instill it in there because he's one. Right. So he just lives with me, we have funny things you know where 'cause he is a baby he likes to grab things. And one of things he loves to grab is toilet rolls, like the toilet paper when it gets short. He sits on my lap when I'm on the toilet and then, you know, like he'll grab the toilet roll. And the one thing I'll always say is, "You're gonna have to learn, you can't waste toilet paper." That's good. That's a good thing. That's the one thing I have. That's like my boundary. You can't waste toilet paper, so I have to take those away from you. You can play with just anything else but not the toilet paper. Exactly. No, he's just going to learn I'm sure from the way we live. It's gonna be fun. We put compost in the compost. We cook our food. I was cooking all day yesterday. And he loves to eat great food. And he'll probably play with animals. One of the first things I'll do when he's really young is probably take him to Animal Acres or Animal Sanctuary where he can play with cows and pigs and chickens so that he has a relationship to them 'cause he's like 'cause he loves dogs. Right. So, he'll love cows, pigs and chickens, and understand that they are creatures and that kind of thing. Now, he just had a birthday too. Right. He just turned one. What's the most fun about him being at this age? Well, everything is so fun. My husband's mother gave him this little vintage chair when he was born, she'd found this vintage chair. And he liked it a lot. He's trying to sit on it. But right now he's starting to walk with the vintage chair. Right. All the noises they make, the little babbley noises are That 's adorable. Well, it's delicious. And he's just sweet. So fans have really enjoyed your recent art on Suburgatory. What's it been like to be back in front of the TV cameras? It's fun. Yeah? Yeah. I was doing, I have a few films that are gonna come out and I'd been doing a ton of theaters though. It is all fun. Now, I actually heard you are going to be teaming with Amy Heckerling again. Is that right? Yeah, Amy. So, it's been a whole, you know, doing Suburgatory with Jeremy Sisto has been From Clueless, correct? Has been, yeah, we also did a movie called Hideaway together with Jeff Goldblum like, way earlier. So, it's neat to have that and then on Vamps that's gonna come out on the Fall and Amy Heckerling wrote and directed Clueless, and she wrote and directed Vamps. But Mona May who did the costumes, you can count on really beautiful costumes. Amazing. It 's just so funny. Amy Heckerling is so smart. Her writing is so good. It's all like I think young people will love the clothes and every little girl would wanna like have a coffin in their house after this, 'cause it's just so cute, adorable, and funny. But there's more comedy than your like average Twilight movie, it sounds like. And it's definitely a comedy I like it. It's definitely a comedy. It's like the plight of being a vampire. So hard. You know? It's very difficult. Yeah. I suppose Twilight has that element too, but more dramatic. Alicia, thank you so much for coming by today, and you can get all of her Juice Beauty products right now at Opa.

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Bella5 Bella5 3 years
 The Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter is my new obsession! It's so gorgeous! I love the color and how it gives my face the perfect glow!  Since I purchased it I've used it everyday!  It really is irresistible! 
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 3 years
Great interview, Alicia seems so sweet and 100% genuine!
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