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Alison Brie Interview on Community and Mad Men

Alison Brie on Wedding Movies and the Possible End of Community

You probably recognize the adorable Alison Brie from her TV roles on Mad Men and Community, but the star was at the Sundance Film Festival this year to promote her new movie Save the Date. We sat down with the actress to talk about the film and her other wedding movie, The Five-Year Engagement. Though Brie kept mum about what we can expect from season five of Mad Men, she did give us an idea of how Community could come to an end, should this be the final season. Watch!

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They're just so hot right now. But there really are there are so many wedding movies right now. You know we'll go out with a bang. Not necessarily a paintball bang. Tell me a little bit about Save The Date and the character that you're playing in the movie. Yes. Save The Date is a film about, it's really about contemporary relationships. It centers around two sisters, Lizzy Caplan and I, who are at very different places in their love lives. One, my character Beth is getting married. Her character has just gone through a breakup with her serious boyfriend in this kind of in a middle of this hot new romance and it's very, to me, it's super relatable when I read the script like I know these people. I've been these people. Maybe I still am, the one or another, you know, and I feel like that's more we want people to take away from it. And what's the has experienced like as an actor who's having a movie that's premiering. It's just so exciting. It's so exciting. I've been here once before and I mean, years ago, when I was in college. I came with friends, but I didn't have a movie. I just came for fun and it was a blast, but it's totally different being on the other side of it now and especially being cheer with such a great cast. We got along so well. On the film, we're also close and it's such an exciting thing for all of us and so to be out here to get just feels really special. So, a lot of warm and fuzzies happening and I think we're all just really proud of the movie. So, it's exciting. for people to see it. This is obviously a wedding movie and then you've got 5-year Engagement coming out later this year. Do I see a pattern developing here? You know, last summer was like my summer of wedding movies, which is and because I've never really been. I'm sort of on the other side of that argument. I've never really been a super wedding, the person. So it was kind of interesting to do back-to-back wedding movies, but actually, followed my previous summer which was being maid of honor in two different weddings. So, it was kind of fitting to be in two different wedding movies the next summer. This is year I think maybe. Maybe I, I don't know, will steer away from wedding movies. Although they're just so hot right now, but there really are there are so many movies right now. So, when The Five Year Engagement trailer came out, it seem like what most people are buzzing about was your British accent. We've got like like something you worked on like a hidden talent that you've been honing for a while. No, well. I really worked on it specifically for the movie sort of. I had coincidentally, they called me up to come in for the table read for the movie and I, prior to that, had been working on a British accent randomly. I just so I literally had bought some CD's like three weeks before out of nowhere. I was like, "I should just brush up with my British accent." It's a good thing to have and then they called me to do the table read and my agent called back frantically like 20 minutes later like, "I don't know. They want you to do British accent." And I was like, "I got it in the bank." Other things we have coming up. Mad Men is coming back very soon. How much of Truty are we gonna see? You might see some and that's all I can say about that. Nothing, might be some. You might see some. Okay. No. It's gonna be a great season. It's gonna be really good. Okay. Well, we're all being referred to that as well. Yes. One more question. What's going on with Community? Actually, the question was gonna be, not if this is going to happen, but if this is the last season of Community, how would you like to see it all end? Wow. Gosh, well. I feel like I can. I don't even want to answer that question because I just don't want to jinx anything and fingers crossed, you know, it's not the end and if it is, I just leave it in Dan Harmon's hands, you know, we'll go out with a bang. Not necessarily a paintball bang, but I don't know what else. I don't know. I'm sorry. I just don't want to do the show. Neither do I. So, thanks a lot. I guess you know if you had like a whole Jeff with Annie arc like planned out already or something like that. I mean other ways that could go out with a bang. Wedding. Wedding episode. Obviously.

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