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American Reunion Cast Interview (Video)

Seann William Scott, Stifler's Mom, and More American Reunion Stars Dish on Nude Scenes and MILF Status

The original American Pie came to define a generation of high schoolers, and now, 13 years later, the cast is teaming up for American Reunion. We recently caught up with the stars of the movie, including Seann William Scott and Eddie Kaye Thomas, and parental pair Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge, who have been frequent collaborators and costars for decades. Jennifer talked about how being Stifler's mom changed her dating life forever, while Seann and Eddie weighed in on Jason Biggs's much-talked-about nude scene and how their characters have — or haven't — changed since their teenage years. Catch our interview and see American Reunion in theaters on April 6.

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heard that Jim's dad and Stickler's mom were actually going to meet. Jim's dad is sad right now he needs some cheering up. [xx] That was a great day. Can't get that out of my head. So, you guys Tell me where your characters are going to pick up when we catch up with them at the reunion. My character hasn't changed at all he is just doing the same stupid stuff. [xx] traveling the world, he is the most interesting human being. When I first heard the storyline, and heard that Jim's dad and Stiffler's mom were actually going to meet I got very excited because I thought, 'Well this is great. I get a chance to work with Jennifer." Right. In some scenes. Jim's dad is sad right now. you need some cheering up. They left it up to [xx} mom to bring him back. Well I think there's a little bit more self awareness I think He kind of recognizes that his best moments were in high school. In the beginning of the movie, he acts like he's not surprised that the guys have showed up and they haven't called him. You guys have a pretty funny scene together after the credits roll, so did you get a chance to actually do a lot of improv? without giving too much away. It was. Well, I think there was some improvising while we were doing the scene. I know there was. Right, because it takes place in a movie theater. It does take place in a movie theater, so you know, there is something kind of confining about the thing. So you do what you can. What did it feel like to sort of reunite with everybody after so many years? Certainly, you know, there is that first moment of awkwardness where you're like, "oh my god! This is the set of American Pie. Wow!" And because, you know, it's been so long, I've become more of a fan than I feel like a member of the show. You know, I watch it, "oh my god, there's our movie." And then it was a little weird, but it really didn't take long before we all fell into our old rhythms Was it just a little bit different this time, rejoining the younger cast members, because now they're kind of adults. A lot of them are married with kids of their own. Did it change the dynamic? Well, it didn't necessarily change that much for me because they were very adult like when I worked on the original American Pie with them they're very professional, you know they take their craft very seriously so they were on the set they were always very professional kind of actors, so there wasn't a big change for me from, you know, I mean, they still look pretty damn good, don't they? I always feel like when you, especially these kids, when they get older they get more interesting. I had lunch with Eddie yesterday, we all did,[xx] he's turned into this really, really handsome kid, that's incredibly appealing. Who of the cast do you think has actually changed the most? Since you guys shot the original film. No one's asked us that question. Really? Okay, well good. Wow, that's a good question. Well, everyone seems to have grown, well, changed Everyone really Biggs is probably has become more of the stickler. He always was but he just thought he needed to be a nice guy. We'll you see a lot of him in. What were some of the most memorable moments of yhis movie. Yes, you do. Were you guys on the set that day. I was the "Swupper" [sp?] it was in my contract. Really? Okay, I see that you guys had once are back together, shooting this movie. [xx] That was a great day. Can't get that out of my head. It sounds like you went to some. Great lengths? Yeah, I was just going to It sounds like he tested out a lot of different options before he went with the specific outlet. Yeah. Yes, exactly. To perpetrate the penis thing, right? Are you saying you don't think that's his penis? No, I think that it is. That's is penis. I believe you. I promise you it's his penis And Jennifer what has it been like over the years to kind be the original MILF. You know, Eugene and I talk about this all the time, but it really was, like, the only They attract the person I've gotten to play I like that I got to do that but they have been MILFS that have come after but it is great because that was the I think it's even, there's some dictionary that actually has MILF now. Yeah exactly. How flattering and it does help you. You know, movies can really change your life, and this movie changed my life. If you're Stiffler's mom, people are still meeting you and thinking you're that lady in the movie. Right. But that can help when you're single and dating, right? No, it Of course if I was just not an actress and just living my life I don't think anyone would have asked me out. Because of that movie that plays on cable every few hours ours. Right. It hooks you up for a lifetime.

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