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Andrew Garfield on Making His Dreams Come True and Why Spider-Man Makes Him Cry

Andrew Garfield isn't just taking on a comic book icon in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man; he's also portraying his own personal hero. A fan of Spidey since he was 3, Andrew talked about his undying fandom for the character when we sat down with him at the film's press day in New York. He also joked that he's already "dissatisfied" with a potential sequel to the film because he's so hard on himself and his performances. As for what's next now that he's fulfilled his lifelong dream? Well, saving the world, of course. Watch the interview below before the film hits theaters on July 3.

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I feel very blessed and, you know, I wanna touch a bunch of wood right now. I can really tell you I am dissatisfied with the second movie. Obviously, you're a huge Spiderman fan. Where'd you get that impression? I mean I got the idea. I love him so much. Yeah. So how did you make sure to stay true to the comics, but also make Spiderman your own? It was more an instinctive thing because like I, luckily, because I am a fan,and I do care so much about him that, and I've loved him since I was three years old, and my love of him is a bold throughout my life like there's a voice inside me that's very loud and it kinda tells me when I'm being phony and kinda tells me when I'm doing something that's not in line with who this character is and what you would want, how you would wanna serve him. What new things did you learn about Spiderman, and about yourself? Oh, so much. That's a good question. Because I realize that I'm never going to feel like Spiderman. You feel much more like Spiderman when you're watching Spiderman, or when you're reading Spiderman, or when you're you know whatever its irration that's in front of you, but when you're actually in the suit you go like I can live up to this and that was kind of a nice thing to realize is that Peter Parker never feels like you could live up to it either. You don't have to be the hero. You know, it's the suit that's the hero. It's that symbol that's the hero, so that was kinda cool. Have you seen the movie? I have, yes. And obviously this whole thing has been very emotional for you, so what was it like watching the movie? It's impossible for me gonna watch myself on screen because especially in IMAX 3D that's just overwhelming like how awful is it when you hear your voice played back on an answering machine. Yeah. It's like imagine that time times a million trillion gazillion and you'll get an impression how difficult it is to watch yourself, and especially playing your ultimate superhero. So it was difficult for me.So you didn't cry? I cried after because I thought, "What have I done?" No, I didn't cry. I think I cried when I first saw the first trailer because I was like, "Oh man that's Spiderman. I just love Spiderman." And that's me, that's cool, but it's a superficial thing. That was like a little partial celebration that I had. So, I'm never going to be satisfied with the work because that's just the way I'm built, I think. I'm always wanting to change something or make something more detailed, or better, or whatever, that's just the way it goes. And that's what will be the frustrating thing about making movies is that you can always tighten things up, you can always make things better, or you can always look back and go, "God." It's not like a math equation you call and just go two plus two equals four. Oh yes, I can sleep. Yes, I did see the movie, to answer your question. Well, hopefully if you get a sequel you can work on those things, and then maybe you'll finally you have the Holy Grail. Hell no. And you can just look back and be like, "I'm done." Hell no, no. I can already tell you I'm dissatisfied with the second movie. Now that you've achieved your lifelong dream like how are you going to top this? Where do you go from here? Actually I just got asked that question a minute ago. I'm gonna stop dreaming for a while because I feel like I have been greedy with all the dreams. I felt very blessed and you know I wanna touch a bunch of wood right now. So dreams wise, I just want world peace and kinda like stop that war, really stop that war. So, you're gonna take that on yourself. Yeah I'm going to trace up the wall. Well, thank you so much, it was so nice to meet you and I think the movie's awesome. Nice to meet you too. Well, that's great, thanks. Even if you're not that into it. No, I'm into it. This is my phone though. Well, I'll take it. I don't. See you.

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