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These Are All the Oscars Pictures You Need to See
Halle Berry's Oscars Night, From Steaming Up the Red Carpet to Stripping Down For a Swim
These Stars Made the Oscars a Family Affair
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raptinrainbows raptinrainbows 9 years
well said, figurine. facts are irrelevant to some.
figurine figurine 9 years
As someone has already stated, she's not on set. I guess the "hater" thing works well when you're not interested in facts.
skinny-fat skinny-fat 9 years
She needs her bodyguard on the set with her :oy: Does he sleep with her too? :ROTFL: :ROTFL: YES, I AM A HATER AND PROUD OF IT :ROTFL: :ROTFL:
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
She should be #1.
<3-Gossip <3-Gossip 9 years
I love her...So pretty, talented, and does a lot for people in need
krisrenjen krisrenjen 9 years
She's looking too skinny. I'm not really a fan of hers, so don't care where you rate her *shrugs* She should try to slow down and take care of all those kids.
Huckleberry Huckleberry 9 years
surely she will be at the top
Hope5 Hope5 9 years
Oh, I'd say the top 5!
Hope5 Hope5 9 years
She looks good here, but that yellow dress she was wearing is not pretty!
ohilovemybabies ohilovemybabies 9 years
she looks like a man and brad is gay :ROTFL:
gangstaLOVER707 gangstaLOVER707 9 years
she's so beautiful.. top five...
Shpohlc Shpohlc 9 years
she's so pretty. its not fair!
Shpohlc Shpohlc 9 years
she's so pretty. its not fair!
Joanna Joanna 9 years
The poll seems to be about who is in the news the most so she, Brad, Lindsey, Paris, Britney should all be right up on the top.
vixen2 vixen2 9 years
she HAS to be #1~ no other way
Adore1 Adore1 9 years
To whoever posted the blurb, she was dropping off Madd at school, try to get the facts straight...
ilek ilek 9 years
# 1 :-)
saffy1227 saffy1227 9 years
probably top 5
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 9 years
so she really CAN SMILE! WOW WHO knew?
betweenxxfreedom betweenxxfreedom 9 years
i don't think she look very pretty just normal, i think her arms are really skinny, butif she's healthy it shouldn't be a problem but i don't think she should be in the top 10, i also think Jennifer Aniston looks way much better, but that's my opinion
ellenmarie ellenmarie 9 years
I love her. It's hard to believe how much she's transformed herself in the past few years...
kornie kornie 9 years
of course no. 1. she is beatiful in casual wear and absolutely stunning when she dressed up. my angie, love u...
xLilithx xLilithx 9 years
Top 10..maybe even top 5
Beautifulbarbie Beautifulbarbie 9 years
Top 5 for sure.
krisua krisua 9 years
Definitey on TOP 20.
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