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Angelina Jolie in Germany For Berlin Film Festival (Video)

Video: Angelina Jolie Calls Red Carpets "That Funny Thing You Do"

Angelina Jolie explained her outlook on balancing work and family life while in Germany for the Berlin Film Festival. Hear her say that red carpets are "that funny thing you do" and find out what she did on her latest outing with the kids in PopSugar Rush.

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Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Angelina Jolie puts her movie star status in perspective in today's PopSugar Rush. "Every once in a while I get a dress on and I walk a red carpet but it's kind of like that funny thing you do, that party you go to every once in a while but it's not who you really are." Angelina Jolie says going glam on the red carpet is just part of the job. In fact, the A-list actress identifies with her humanitarian side and motherhood more so than Hollywood. "I have a real view of the real world and I'm very happy inside the real world because I'm very touched and very moved by people and what they overcome/and they have always reminded me to just wake up in the morning and just be grateful your children are healthy. Nothing else matters." Angelina spoke about her priorities this week with reporters in Germany ahead of the Berlin Film Festival . . . . . . and PopSugar editor is here to explain how she's putting them into practice: Angelina Jolie may be in Berlin for work, but she found time for family on Thursday. She took Maddox, Pax, and Shiloh to Legoland, where they played and picked up some toys. Then today, she had her goodwill ambassador hat on and met with the German Foreign Minister. Angelina's directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, is set to show at the festival tomorrow. And later this month, Ms. Jolie will walk another red carpet — she's tapped to be a presenter at the Academy Awards and will support partner Brad Pitt, who is up for Best Actor in a leading role. Brad's Oscar night cheering squad will also include Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics' general manager who he portrays in Moneyball.

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chasha chasha 4 years
To be fair, Marisa, I don't follow or read everything about her but really, any stupidity she does makes headlines so I'm assuming i'd have heard/read more about her non-Hollywood work if it were out there. Let's take her latest film...the Bosnian war one. I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT! In every interview/article she says the same things, she got an idea, ran it by Brad, he watched the kids, she wrote forever and ever and made a movie for the people of Bosnia, not for Hollywood. Ok that's fine...but maybe i'd be interested in seeing it...and i'm not Bosnian. Where did the idea come from? What triggered it? What's the story? That is just one example. She goes to all these places, meets the heads of state, wears a nice outfit, visits the camp, wears a veil, takes a picture, probably cuts a check and is on to the next place. This is what what we see and i'd like to believe that there's a lot more to it than just that. We might get a general overview but you need to expose those realities and there needs to be something of substance if you want to create a stir. I'm no expert but I'm sure there are billions of stories to tell and we never, ever hear about these personal experiences of hers, the connections she's made with these people and what truly brings her to these places. I'm not saying it hasn't happened but if she'd open up and tell those stories not only would it increase her credibility as a humanitarian but it would be far more interesting than having to hear about how Brad is, without a doubt, the ultimate man, father, lover, companion, brother, son, friend, neighbor and humanitarian that has ever lived. We know, let's move on. There's no depth to them...just a lot of fluff and self-promotion, so I agree, that it all comes off as calculated, stiff and very insincere.
Laura-craft Laura-craft 4 years
So all this time she lied about how happy she is to be there at the awards shows!!!
Laura-craft Laura-craft 4 years
Marisa2233840 Marisa2233840 4 years
And as an aside, they should start getting over themselves as a couple because both of them have seen younger, better looking days. Brad does not do it for me like he did when he was younger! LOL! Not that impressed anymore.
Marisa2233840 Marisa2233840 4 years
Chasa, I couldn't agree with you more! And I'm so glad someone else gets this icky feeling of pretense from watching her. I met a paparazzo one night who told me about a gig he went to years ago, shooting Brad and the kids going around Central Park in a carriage, and he also told me he was there because their people called the press and notified them. Angelina very much seeks fame. She is very much in the spotlight and on purpose. Think about how often we see Julia Roberts in candid photos with her kids--that's a woman who seriously doesn't care for the Hollywood fame train. I personally feel as though she uses the humanitarian thing to bolster her fame, more than anything else. And of course, yes, Brand and her love to talk about each other in the press...why? It's like they're as obsessed with their own prom king and queen status as much as any "civilian" though in interviews both try to act like the picture of humble pie. I don't get it. And I feel Angelina is extremely fake. SHE created the Santa Angie persona way more than the press did. She's promoting that side of herself constantly. If it's genuine, why do you have to promote at all? And why not do more PSA's about these less fortunate people? Why not write a book about them or fund a documentary? Do something real besides visiting a refugee camp, having your picture taken and donating like .01% of your income to the cause?
chasha chasha 4 years
This woman is so odd. I know this video isn't much to go by but i've noticed that she's very critical of Hollywood and all that it entails yet this is how she's made her living and permitted her very easy life. (careful, don't bite the hand that feeds you!) She claims to be inspired by these so-called "real people" but she always very VAGUELY touches upon these stories. I've seen the pictures but unless i'm missing the articles or interviews, she never goes into detail about the countries she visits, the people she's met, how they live, what inspires her, what she's learned, etc. I'm no fan of her acting work but I wouldn't mind hearing about her humanitarian efforts (if they truly are that)...these real stories...than have to hear AGAIN about her going to bed with Brad for the 10000th time. (it was juicy the first time, we're over it now!) Add some substance to your words otherwise it just comes off as a facade!
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