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Angelina Reacts to the Madonna Bashing BS

We were surprised to hear that Angelina had criticized Madonna's adoption of little David in Malawi in the French magazine Gala. Evidently Angelina was as well. The original article was about how horrified she was to see Madonna facing such backlash and that the important thing was David's happiness. Today Jolie made a statement in response to the bad press she's received over the whole ordeal. She says:

"The article included many falsehoods. I said many positive things that were omitted. I feel we must focus on the present and I encourage everyone to be supportive so that every child can adjust nicely to their new home."

She's got a point. What really matters is the kids and their well-being. We're sure that Angelina and Madonna can both agree on that! For more pics of Madonna at the gym yet again just








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