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Aniston Cashes In On Her Love For smartwater

This ad -- it's making me thirsty! The rumors were true: Jennifer Aniston has signed on as the new face of Glaceau's smartwater, and here is her first ad for the campaign. A spokesperson for Glaceau had this to say, "We were thrilled that Jennifer discovered smartwater and realized what a difference it makes to her healthy lifestyle. To us, Jennifer truly embodies what smartwater is all about as she combines substance and style like nobody else."

We've been seeing Jen around town with her trusty bottle of smartwater for months now, so we figured something was afoot. This marks the first time that Jen's appeared in an American ad campaign (I mean, other than her unbelievably hilarious "cyber sitcom" promoting Windows 95).

For whatever it's worth, Jen does seem like the perfect face for smartwater and it'll be fun to see her on the sides of buses rather than just in the pages of gossip magazines. Now, if only she would show up to some promotional event with that supposed new man of hers...

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