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Anna Kendrick Chace Crawford WTEWYE Interview (Video)

Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford Talk Baby Wrangling and "Creepy" Infants

Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford easily have one of the most heartbreaking story lines in What to Expect When You're Expecting, but the pair brought plenty of laughs to our recent chat during a press day for the project. The duo plays competing food-truck chefs in the film who end up in a serious — and seriously unplanned — relationship. Anna admitted she put a lot of elbow grease into prepping for the role but said she later discovered her effort was mostly wasted once the cameras were rolling. Chace also dished on the potentially romantic meal he's an ace at whipping up in the kitchen. We also talked about the dozens of babies crawling around the set and the "creepy" stand-in dolls they used in place of real infants. Check out our interview and catch What to Expect When You're Expecting when it hits theaters on May 18!

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there would be a shot where they didn't need the real baby so they'd use these like doll babies. That was the creepiest make. It looked like dead babies. I think they might have been dead babies. They were finished. I love breakfast, I can make pancakes, with the powder and water. You heard your first lady? Yeah, yeah. Pancakes. Good. Chace Crawford who makes pancakes. So you guys kind of bring the heavy in this movie a little bit. Yeah. You do. But there's a lot of humor in your part too. So how did you kind of work together to balance between those really heartbreaking moments and really funny ones? Just hours of rehearsal. We take our craft so seriously. So many screen tests. Yeah, we studied the book for hours. Besides that it was very natural. No, it was fun. I mean, it was just, you know, it's kinda the playful scenes were playful and I think the serious scenes were serious. You know what I mean? Did you guys each other before working together. No, but we've been in my dreams, really, [xx] yes Chace I mean He's always in my dreams. I actually was reading there was a Lady Wrangler on the set of something. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Yeah. Frankly, I think there were. lll. I mean, we missed yeah, the dude's group, you know, they would finish a day of shooting and would be genuinely exhausted because like as hot and miserable and like burdened as they look in the movie, they were that. They were. It was like fourteen hours a day...Like, the reverse backpack with the baby plus like 90 degree heat. Yeah, it was...Exactly. It's like climbing a mountain. And every now and then there would be a shot where they didn't need real babies so they'd use these like doll babies that were the creepiest looking things. They looked like dead babies. Like, they really looked so real. I've like seen some of those you know, pretend babies and they don't look real. And these ones, I don't know where they got them. I think they might have been dead babies. They were creepy. They were just stuffed. They really looked like dead children. It was so creepy and upsetting. That's sounds really disturbing actually. Yeah, yeah. But there were a couple, like they'd bring twins, you know what I mean? So they'd have like twins and like little boys with the haircut. I mean, you know, running with a stick. Joe 's baby, Joe Manganiello's baby, did not like Joe. He did not like Joe at all. You can see that in the movie. It's bad. Like, I was watching him do that take, and like it's funny in the movie, but when you're watching it just from the sidelines and you're seeing this child like struggle and hit Joe. I feel so bad for him. You guys play competing food truck chefs in this movie. So do either of you have any real life cooking skills? No. None at all? Do you? No, I'm totally kidding. I love breakfast and I can make pancakes with, you know, the powder and water. You heard it here first, ladies. Yeah, yeah. Pancakes. Chace Crawford will make you pancakes. Some bananas, yeah.that 's about it. We did learn how, we took little classes. Yeah. He was okay. Like a sushi chef. You guys look like you know your way around those food trucks, with the griddle and all that. Why thank you. Yeah. You look like experts. I was trying to She had to do more than I had to do. We were about to trick that leg 'cause in this one scene like the trick, you know, where you like pit the avocado with the knife and like I was gonna toss the onions in the pan and like be like super sexy, and then they were like, "Oh, yeah. No, the camera can't see in there in that part." I was like, "Okay." See you that.

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