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Anna Kendrick ParaNorman Interview | Video

Anna Kendrick Tells Us Why She's Excited For Breaking Dawn Part 2

Anna Kendrick takes on the role of Courtney Babcock in the animated film ParaNorman, and when we sat down with the actress at a recent press day in LA, she filled us in on being the voice behind the character. Although Anna plays a girl who picks on her younger sibling in the movie, she told us she always got along with her older brother, whom she "idolized" while growing up. She also talked about what she's most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn Part 2 and her plans for her 27th birthday — which happens to be today! Check out our interview, and look for ParaNorman in theaters next week.

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It was actually fantastic. It was kind of like a very pure form of acting. I'm just looking forward to seeing all the new vampires, and seeing Kristen as a vampire. You play Courtney who's Norman's older sister and you actually have an older brother. So the relationship is, you know, backwards. Exactly. But were you able to draw on that relationship at all? Well, I mean my brother was actually nice to me, for the most part, you know, he beat me up a little when we were really young, but at this age I was kind of like I worshipped him. I kinda copied everything he did, you know when an older sibling likes a band and you're like, "I like that band, they were my favorite." Of course. Which he could have just like smacked me around for, but he was really nice to me, so I guess I tried to imagineif he said all the things he wanted to, it would be something like this. Is this actually your first animated picture? Yeah. So what was it like especially being in a sound booth and not you know on a set with other actors. It was actually fantastic. It was great because you had so much freedom to try things and the immediacy of it was really great, because there's so much kind of waiting and preparing on set that by the time it gets to, they about to call, action, you feel like a runner on the start mark kind of waiting for the gun to go off. And then you forgotten what it was that you and the director had just talked about. So it was great to be able to just take a direction and try it, and then another one and try that. And it was kind of like a very pure form love acting weirdly. Now we're all excited for Breaking Dawn in November. So is there a scene you're particularly excited for or anything you are looking forward to about it? I'm just looking forward to seeing all the new vampires, seeing Kristen as a vampire. I'm not in it, I don't know anything about it, so I'm excited to just see it as a normal moviegoer. Well, Happy Birthday Anna! Oh. Do you have any plans for the big day? I think I'm just gonna like sit on the couch with my friends and have like a movie marathon. My ideal day.

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