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Arrested Development Movie Tony Hale

Video: Tony Hale on His Hopes For the Arrested Development Movie

In addition to starring on Veep right now, Tony Hale is also gearing up to reprise his role in the revival of Arrested Development. We talked to Hale about stepping into Buster's anxious shoes again, what he would call a Buster spin-off, and which character (and actor!) has changed the most since the series ended. We're definitely curious about whether he'll still be sporting that hook.

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maybe it's Buster's ghost. Maybe something really traumatic happened. Buster as an avenger. Done. Lock it. That's a wrap. Arrested Development is coming back. How excited are you? Very excited. Good. Very excited and my thing is, playing Buster, to step into his shoes again is going to be kind of weird. And I'm slip into his hook. And, you know, so much happened in two and a half years of that show, you know, with the Life of Buster. I can't imagine what's happened in six years. Right. So I'm pretty excited to see what Mitch has come up with. Really excited. So it'll be picking up six years after the show ended? Yeah. Okay. So, hopefully have my body parts and all this kind of stuff. Or maybe, I was telling someone today, maybe it's Buster's ghost. Maybe something really traumatic happened. Well we were wondering if they were going to replace the hook with a mechanical hand or something. Right? Bionic. Let's do it! Avengers? Avengers meets Buster. Buster as an Avenger. Done, lock it, that's a wrap. Have you ever thought of doing a Buster spin off, has that ever been an idea? That would be pretty fun. The thing about - whenever Buster spins off he has such anxiety anyway when he leaves his mother so I don't know, that would be just one large anxious episode. Oh, totally. Anxious series. What would you call it? an anxious day in the life of Buster. Okay. I'd watch it. You'd watch it? Totally, totally. Thanks, Maggie. So which character do you think has changed the most in the six years? Well, I think 'cause we we had a little reunion in New York. The New Yorker brought us together for this kind of mini-reunion. I mean, I worked with Michael [xx] and [xx] when they were like 15. Right. So that alone, they're adults. So that's kind of wild. I'm trying to think which character has changed the most. I kind of hope nobody's changed. I I hope that everybody has the same neurosis that Tobias still is constantly struggling with his sexuality. Yeah. You know, and just kind of I hope that haven't left the co-dependent relationship with my mother. I hope not either, it's hilarious. Exactly. I know a lot has probably changed, but I hope a lot stays the same. Arrested Development have such a huge fan base. Yeah. Have you been surprised by anyone in particular coming up to you and telling you that they love the show? My thing when people come up to me and they're excited about the show show. I'm a huge fan of the show myself, and I haven't seen it in so long. Once the show stopped, I just kind of, you know, I didn't really...for some reason I just haven't watched a lot of episodes. But I was a big fan when it was airing. So when people come up to me to talk about it, it's exciting 'cause I get stuff. I forget bits. So then they say "oh yeah, when this happened, when this happened", it really, you know, triggers my memory, so that's fine. I love to be able to talk about it. Do people like stop you in the street and quote Buster. Yeah, sometimes. Yeah. And I'll go, hey brother! From a distance, that kind of stuff. Yeah. But it's just, you know it's, people have been really kind and it's a fun show to talk about.

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