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Ashlee Talks About Her Wacky Video

Yesterday we gave you a taste of our exclusive interview with Ashlee Simpson, where she talked about how excited she is for her upcoming album and tour. She also gave us the inside scoop on what it was like to shoot the quirky video for that first single we can't stop singing and even revealed who designed the strait jacket she wears at the end. Here's more:

Molly: The first song is so much fun and the video is fun in a different way. It's a little bit dark — you talked about Salvador Dali and Being John Malkovich influences in it, but it's got kind of a different feel than the song does. Was it fun to make? Intense?

Ashlee: It was definitely intense. I think it took 46 hours pretty much to make. One day all I got to eat was a Subway sandwich and I was like man... I can't wait for tomorrow to go to Chili's! So it was definitely intense. And I think the great part of it was I got to have so many fun looks. It was great for everybody. Everybody got to be artistic on the shoot and we all got to do amazing, cool things. The coolest part was getting to be on the harness when I'm in the strait jacket. And my strait jacket was Vivienne Westwood, that was pretty cool!

To see more of what Ashlee had to say about her video and a bit on Britney, just

You know the concept was about the voices in your head... it's not necessarily me. I don't think that I would ever be carried off into an ambulance or anything like that. Funny how... uh... an idea is coming to real life I guess... no pun intended (laughs)! But it's definitely one of those things where I think people have all these things going on in their head that nobody knows about and that was kinda the idea of it. Like there's the naughty girl when I'm on the Rubik's cube. It was definitely from like 5 a.m. one day to 5 a.m. the next. You know like all night. And I have to say my mom stayed with me the whole time and was a trooper! I was like, "Wow Mom — you are cool!"

We loved having the opportunity to chat with Ashlee and got her feedback on some of your questions as well. If you're liking the video as much as we are, you can vote for Ashlee on TRL here. Also, don't forget to check back in for more tidbits to come about her favorite makeup, workout tips and more.


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