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Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone Interview (Video)

Video: Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone on Their Breaking Dawn Dance Off

As Jasper and Alice in the Twilight saga, Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone have spent a lot of time together over the years, and the pair's easygoing chemistry proves it. We sat down with the duo at the recent Breaking Dawn Part 1 press day to chat about the latest film in the series, which features a pretty impressive dance scene between the two! We also talked about the mementos Ashley took home from the set and the much-anticipated wedding scene. Check out the video, and in case you missed it, watch our interviews with the Breaking Dawn stars from Monday night's big LA premiere!

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He's a really good liar. That's also a lie. I'm a terrible liar. I came out of this entire series and all I got was a couple pairs of socks. You should print that on a shirt. First of all, you guys have a pretty cool dance scene in the movie. Did you take lessons to get ready for that? We only had two rehearsals, right? For the dance. Yes it is. Wow. But we had an amazing guy, Paul Becker and he let us kind of play around with it and I do have a little background in swing dancing. Nice. And you know, Ashley is sweet enough to trust me to flip her and Yeah. Even in heels. Amazing girl. That was fun. I was like oh man, it's so much more fun without the heels. So who's the better dancer then? That guy. Really? Yes. How much? You got it. You got it. Please, please. No. no. By the way, that's good. I have more sugar in my gum. You know I think it would be really interesting to to have the skills. What all do you know, ballroom dancing, swing. A little bit of Jazz, any kind of like old school dancing. I cannot beat the beat, as they say in Jersey Shore. A little more traditional. Yes. You got that, NewJersey Shore. Yes. I'm trying to catch up my pop culture. Do you flip flop too? I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what a Snooki is. Did you guys keep any mementos from the set? Ashley, did you keep your wig or anything? I didn't keep my wig. I caught Allison's original necklace. Oh, cool. Yeah. That's what I have put on. Actually, I still have the ring, the ring and the first new ring that we decided Jasper gave Alice. Yeah. I still have that. I kept this for the first movie. So, that's pretty cool. Anyway, she's really random. Something like swap hand socks. We always swap hand socks. I still socks that's it. There you go. I came out of this entire series and all I got was a couple pair of socks. You should print that on a shirt. Tell me a little bit about doing this film; did it feel different now that everything is kinda coming to a close. I never felt different. It was the combination of all of our individual stories and our collective story as a group of, you know, vegetarian vampires and it was fun, you know, you know, we shop all of these. We shop Breaking Dawn part one and two at the same time. It was like we were going one then two. Sure. We were just doing it all in one big jumble. So it was the longest filming experience we've had, but Bill Condon on board as a director is such an amazing, you know, giant of a gentleman to work with. Right and you guys have spent so much time together over the years on this movie, so what's one surprising thing that you've learned about the other person. He knows how to make a quilt. No I don't. It's a lie. You made that. Well that's also a lie. That's it. There you go. I came out of this Right, he's a really good liar. That's also a lie! I'm a terrible liar! Oh my God. Obviously she's learned nothing about me over the years. Anything about Ashley? No, I've learned a lot, but everyone else knows. I mean it's like one of those things. I'm not going to say anything. I don't know anything, you know. Do you want to know a secret? Yeah, secrets are fun because they are secrets. Why would you go and tell secrets? They don't become secrets anymore. So we'll keep the mystery surrounding us then. We want to be mysterious. We're trying desperately to be mysterious.

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