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Aubrey Plaza on a Parks and Recreation Baby and Solo Sex Scenes

Aubrey Plaza's deadpan delivery might define her Parks and Recreation character, April, but in Safety Not Guaranteed, the comedic actress gets the chance to show a slightly more sentimental side. We caught up with Aubrey at a recent press day for the indie film in LA, where she talked about switching gears with the project and what's up next for April and Andy. Aubrey told us she's been pushing for a Parks and Recreation baby, and also dished about her next movie, The Hand Job. In it, she plays a college-bound teen determined to get some sexual experience under her belt before Summer's over — a role that Aubrey admits required its share of extremely awkward scenes. Safety Not Guaranteed arrives in select theaters this weekend.

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The more complicated a character is. That's the more exciting it is for me, so I like that... April married Andy. I wanted a baby. I wanted them to impregnate me so bad and I ask them to all the time. Being on a TV show you the luxury of spending all this time with your character. So I know you guys only shot this over about three weeks, so was it hard to sort of transition and get into Darius in that short of time Yeah, it's totally different. It's like a totally different game, making a movie. You kind of, you get in there, you do it. and then its over so you kinda only have that one month or whatever. It was a different challenge then working on TV and working April. But, I loved it. I had a lot of fun. Well I know that a lot of people know you the best for the more comedic stuff that you've done. But this character has a lot of back story and she's complicated. So were you at all nervous about kind of stepping out of your comfort zone to do that? I mean, I'm always nervous about taking on a new character and a new project, but I think the more I mean, the more complicated a character is or that's the more exciting it is for me. So I like that. Yeah. That's one of the things that drew me to the movie and to playing Darius is how many layers she had and that's a fun challenge for me. Yeah. Well, it's kind of cool because I heard that they actually wrote the part for you but you didn't know like anybody involved in the movie. They were just like, "We wrote this for you. Wanna do it?" Yeah, yeah. I did that did happen. The writer, I hadn't met anyone personally, but he had seen some of the things that I had done and he was inspired by that and then used it kind of as jumping off point to write the character of Darius. So I was very flattered when that happened and I was not expecting anyone to be like, "I wrote something for you". Now I know, too, that Parks and Rec got picked up. So congrats on that. Yes. That's exciting. Yeah. It's really popular around our office, so. Awesome . I know that people are wondering what's gonna happen with April now that Leslie has kind of moved on. Is she gonna maybe get a promotion or step up to the plate? I don't know because the writers have only just begun and I'm the last one to hear what would happen. Right. But I do suspect that something like that's going to happen because, you know, Leslie won the election so she's not going to be in the office anymore and I think April is going to have some major responsibilities coming up. Definitely, and i know people too were wondering if you think maybe a baby is ahead. Yeah. I mean, honestly, I've wanted the baby since the moment I married Andy, since April married Andy. I wanted a baby. I wanted them to impregnate me so bad. And I I've been too, all the time. But they haven't given it to me. Maybe because I want it so bad, they don't want to give it to me. Yeah, you gotta hold it back a little bit. I know, but how amazing if I had like quadruplets. I like that. I mean, it has to happen. Please, it has to happen. the hand job coming up, which is basically about this girl who's going to college and she decides she needs to brush up on her sexual know-how, right? Yeah, she needs to to figure out how to do all things sexual with boys before college, so that she's prepared. She's like a Type A kind of go got her shes very academic in the way that she approaches things. And so she kinda treats, she makes a list of all the sexual acts that she wants to do in the summer before college and treats it like homework. So she becomes, and she is very good at homework, so she kinda blows through that list Well, there's a lot of. No pun intended. Funny. There you go. Funny cute guys in the movie too, so, did you have like a moment or a scene that was maybe the most awkward to film overall? So many moments. In a movie called "The Hand Job." So many moments. I did end up masturbating for two hours at one point. That's sounds slightly awkward. Not two hours in the movie. They cut it down to about a minute. Okay. But I had to do it for two hours. It'll be on the DVD extras, right? I hope so. I hope there is just like masturbating, and then you click on it and its just me, just masturbating. With two hands by the way, no spoilers, but two hands.

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