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The Men of Baby Daddy on Their Infant Costars and a Possible Romance Ahead

The men of Baby Daddy may play guys with an infant as a roommate, but when we sat down with actors Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Derek Theler, and Tahj Mowry recently, they admitted costarring with a baby hasn't necessarily prepped them for real-life fatherhood. We also talked about what's ahead this season — including an increasingly complicated love triangle between characters Ben, Riley, and Danny — and why Tahj's Tucker's big mouth might get him into trouble with his friends in upcoming episodes. Check out our interview for more inside scoop. A new episode of Baby Daddy airs tonight on ABC Family at 8:30/7:30 Central.

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They're by far the most important actresses on the set. Yeah, we mean nothing. Riley is a good looking girl. She's a great mom figured for Emma and I think that and she's got eventually picked up on this. Well, I know that twin girls actually play the baby in the show. So have you guys actually bonded a little bit? Ally and Susie? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely. I mean, working together for, you know, months at a time. You get to know them and at first, you don't really know how to, especially for someone like me who's never really been around babies. Right. I don't know how to make a baby laugh or smile or you know what I mean and so, after coming months of working with Ally and Susie, you just start getting to know them and they get to know you. So the whole working relationship thing just blends in really well. The babies are, they're the new Olsen twins for sure. They're by far the most important actresses on the set set. Yeah. We mean nothing. We walk on set. Everyone's like Talking about the baby. Yeah. They come on set, everyone's like, "Babies are here, everybody." I'm like, "I just wanted some coffee." And they get older, it's a kind of a different experience all the time with them on the set. Yeah, they're turning into such divas. Yeah, really hard to work with them. Well, what's exciting about the show too is like you said because the characters are so young. I feel like there's so many different places it could go. Oh, for sure. Do you see Ben staying in his roommate situation as time goes on? I think so. I don't think Ben's not going to leave the nest for a long time. Interesting. I don't know why he'd want to leave just because he's got so much help, you know. He gets to live his normal life. Right. He gets to go out on dates. He gets to go out and work his day job at the bar and I think that I don't think he wants to give that up. I mean, he's got his best friend and his brother living with him and they're great and they wanna be fathers for Emma too. Sure. So it just helps him out, you know? It would not be as fun in real life I don't think. Sure. But you know we love Ben in the show so we're there for him you know through thick and thin. You left Ben outside of the show too. Right, right. And then if we didn't, if we weren't there, it wouldn't be Three Men and A Baby. Honestly, the babies that we work with are, they're fantastic and they're fun and we don't, like I said before we don't deal with them when it's when they're cranky or when we gotta change their diapers. Right. Right. And things like that and if we if I did, it'd probably be a little bit rougher. Yeah. It wouldn't be quite as light and fun. Sure. Yeah. It's a sitcom so we try to keep it as light as possible. Exactly. But we throw in a little - it's very realistic for a sitcom. It is, yeah. And I feel like we touch on those real aspects. Do you feel like being on the show has prepared you for parenthood a little bit. It's been a practice run. It's been a practice run. It's also scared me a little bit. Right. I could imagine. So we're gonna wait a little bit longer, I think. I don't have to change their diapers. I don't have to do any of the hard work. Right. And it's still hard work, you know? Yeah. I can't imagine what it's like to actually be around kids like 24/7 I have them up for a few hours, and I get to pass them off, you know. Yeah, best of both worlds. Yeah, exactly. They're well behaved. I get them only when they're happy. And I don't have to change their diapers. Right. Which is amazing. So, I can't imagine what it's like to actually give like 110% of your attention to a baby. Right. For 24/7. You get all the best part of having of having a baby without having a baby. Right, yeah. They're really fun. And in between takes, we're playing with them, making them laugh, hopefully. Yeah. We normally only give them away if they're not having a good day Right. And the mom needs to do something to make them, you know, happy again. And they're very professional. Very professional. Very well. They know when to turn it on and really get Yeah, no. It's really fun. They really do like they'll be crying like one second and then like the director will be like, "Action!" they're like. But you have some experience. You're gonna be an uncle for a second time pretty soon. I am, yeah. So do you do a lot of baby sitting? I do actually. Yeah. A couple of weeks ago, I did. So I'm pretty good at it, yeah. I like it. I can change a diaper. It's not fun, but I can. Getting some practice with the show too, right? Yeah So yeah. It's fun. I love it. What's ahead for Ben's love life in the upcoming episodes? I think Ben is going to continue to date, you know, he's still in the dating circle thing. Sure. Dating mode. Yeah, exactly. I mean, he's a young guy, right? But, I mean, Riley is a good looking girl. She's a great mom figure for Emma and I think that I mean he's gotta eventually pick up on that. Right. I know she likes him. He's gonna eventually catch on. You know what I mean? Yeah. He's clueless right now but she's like the perfect girl for him. So I think he'll eventually figure that out and maybe try to work that a little bit, you know? He said he thinks he's gonna clue in a little bit to how great a girl she really is. Yeah. But what's that gonna mean for you? What's that gonna mean for me? I mean, it's kind of this thing that's always changing and always moving, you know? My character already tried to put it out there that he's in love with her. Right. And she didn't really take it seriously because of the situation but Danny's gonna get another shot to kind of express his feelings and then something's gonna happen and she's gonna maybe get a hint of how he's really feeling. Right. And then and Ben and Riley, they're gonna have a moment and things are always changing. So just need to stay tuned to see what's going to happen. Okay. So the love triangle will get a little more complicated is what you're telling me. Oh, it's gonna continue to get especially with Tucker the only one knowing about it. Yeah. Right. You know, Tucker's kind of mischievous. But I feel like he he's there for Danny, though. In upcoming episodes, you'll see him try to, you know, it may get out a little and Tucker sort of reels him back in. What? No, no, no, no. And also I have to ask you, Tucker's style pretty out there. Has there ever been a time where you were like, "Guys, I can't wear that. I'm just not gonna wear that." Oh, yeah. Are you kidding me? Really? Oh, my gosh. No, it's funny. There's this joke on set that I have the entire wardrobe budget because like Tucker's stuff is ridiculous. Right, all you. Some of it's super expensive. Right, right. And My wardrobe fittings are actually longer than Chelsea's. Yeah. I'm not joking. Oh my gosh. Really? Yeah. Have you taken anything home? I actually have. They don't know. I stole it. Don't tell. No, my favorite thing actually you can't see it all the time, maybe when Tucker does his run you can see it, but he always has cool socks Okay. Underneath the jeans so keep an eye out for that awesome socks. Okay, that's a signature. Awesome socks. And on that note, thank you guys so much. Of course.

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