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Behind-the-Scenes Look at Season 2 of Franklin & Bash

Go Behind the Scenes of Franklin & Bash With Mark-Paul and Breckin Before Tonight's Premiere

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer are back as fast-talking lawyers Jared Franklin and Peter Bash on tonight's season two premiere of their legal comedy, Franklin & Bash. We sat down with Breckin and Mark-Paul earlier this year and got their take on why everyone should be watching Franklin & Bash, as well as what we can expect in new episodes. Watch now to see what MPG and Breckin had to say. Franklin & Bash airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. on TNT.

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They become partners with the firm and with that comes a lot more responsibility. We 've got some very good shows, ex-wives show up, things like that. Hey, guys. It's Katie from PopSugar. I'm on the set of TNT's Franklin and Bash. They are two kind of renegade, ambulance-chasing lawyers who get brought in by a very fancy law firm. I play the head of the firm who's this rather eccentric ex-pat. I played Jared Franklin and he is a grew up as a rich kid with a fancy lawyer dad. I'll go by Jelly Roll. I'm not going to Jelly Roll. The simplest names are always the most terrifying. That 's not terrifying. That's stupid. I hire these two thirty-something ambulance chasers to come in to this firm to give it sort of a cutting-edge thinking. We talked to Mark-Paul, Breckin, and Malcolm about what we can expect to see in Season 2. They become partners with the firm and with that comes a lot more responsibility. You got a beef with jelly roll, Dimples? Dimples ? Yeah, your dimples. We've got some very good shows, ex-wives show up, things like that. Who can we expect to see as some guess stars this season? Well, my ex-wife in that particular episode is played by Cybil Shepherd and she's wonderful. We had Seth Green coming in to play with us, Eric Mabius. Chris Klein. Chris Klein. Yeah. We're shooting right now with Chris. So, it seems to be a little bit of a theme of 90's, early 2000's Heartthrobs? It was sent to Heartthrobs? Fucking news to him and me, yeah. I had a chance to sit down with both Mark-Paul and Breckin and let me tell you it was pretty amazing. You had your kind of a love triangle going on a little bit with Hannah. So are we gonna see any more of that this season there's a new lady in your life? There's a new lady in Jared's life towards the end of Season Two. A girl named Shiri Appleby comes on. And Peter gets a little love from a police officer. You haven't had a date in the love department, so are we going see maybe fall a little bit this season? No. No? No. There's a little piece with Janey but that's about it. We don't really clear anything up this season. It's more, more. Yeah. He has more of a love thing than I do this season. Just two episodes, though. Yeah, but it's two episodes and, you know, there's talks of her coming back. There is talk. Why should people be watching this show if they haven't picked it up so far? He 's in it. That guy's in it. The kids love him. That guy's in it from the thing. Great idea for anybody that doesn't watch the show, go download the first episode on iTunes for free. That's a great idea. And don't forget, you can also follow both of these guys on Twitter. MP under score Gosselaar. Good luck spelling that. And Breckin Meyer It's Breckin not Brecklin. It's not Bretchlin. It's not Brocklin. It's like a reverse nickname. You know, it's like you're so cute you're terrifying. You know put 30 seconds back on the clock and pretend this conversation never happened and you never called me dimples, but All rise. Thanks for watching Pop Sugar and be sure to check your local listings when Franklin & Bash returns this summer on TNT. I come back to this show and it always feels like I'm home.

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