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Behind the Scenes of NBC Series Best Friends Forever (Video)

We Take a Sneak Peek at NBC's Newest Comedy Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever will join the growing ranks of TV shows written by and starring women when it debuts tonight. The series is the brainchild of longtime friends and improv buddies Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair, and the duo recently welcomed us to spend a day on the set of the new comedy. The show explores what happens when "friendsbians" — as Lennon and Jessica describe themselves— find themselves at very different places in their romantic lives. Rounded out by a supporting cast of cute and equally hilarious guys, and with in-demand director Fred Savage behind the camera, Lennon and Jessica mine their personal lives for laughs on the sitcom. Find out what the stars had to say about the show in our behind-the-scenes preview, and catch Best Friends Forever's premiere tonight at 8:30/7:30 Central on NBC!

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about that kind of romantic relationship. I heard the term "friendsbians," I think that's pretty apt. Is that the guy from The Wonder Years? I think it might be. I knew it. That guy is, he's directing this? Hey guys, It's Lindsay from PopSugar, and I'm here behind the scenes on the set of NBC's new show, Best Friends Forever. The series follows two lifelong best friends who find their love lives in very different places. You know what? That's it. You're coming home tonight. I'm booking you a ticket to New York. OK. OK. OK. OK. On the plus side, Jessie can put those first shorts back on. Babe. What are you talking about? I'm sorry, I'm not good with tragedy. One of whom moved away and is now getting a divorce and moving back in with them but only to find that Lennon has moved in her boyfriend. Sure. But he's here to stay, he's the real deal. We'll see. But at any rate he's also into our gorgeous apartment has moved an inflatable oull Wolverine's chair. An incredibly uncomfortable chair to sit in. Yeah, It looks horrible actually. Yeah, yeah you have to have a really strong core to sit in that chair in anything like a comfortable way. Let me pull the Wolverine's chair up real close. Okay, you know we're watching Steel Magnolias, right? The 1989 film starring Julia Roberts in an Oscar nominated performance based on the 1987 play by the same name? Yeah. I'm familiar. I play Joe who has been living with Lennon now for a little while. And I design video games. Oh, okay. Like I'm working on this new video game that's really big deal for my character. Up until this point in his life, hasn't been able to find somebody that he's clicked with as well as he does Lennon's character. I bet you would give a drawer to one of her best friends. Yeah, I mean I'd have no choice. Yeah. 'Cause otherwise she'd murder you with her giant boobs. Thank you. Yeah, I play character who's name is Rov. He's super cool. He has his own bar, has a great beard. And he's kind of like the guy like to be in real life. I see, okay. He's sort of a man's man. You're getting a divorce, figure that out. I have it under control, but thank you. Really. Yes. Where's your bra? Oh! Here. She's sassy, she has her own world. Okay. Just like she's the queen of Quinetta's world. And if you try to tell Quinetta something, she'll say, no, I want this, I want this, I won't do that. Right. And I'm going to do this for you. Look who's back. But I think we all saw this coming. Yuke over. Oh really, Quinetta? Because you still look six. I'm nine and a half. You've been gone three years. Do the math. But, this is a show basically, if you have a best friend, if you talk to her obsessively five or six times a day, if you know what she has for lunch every day, this is the show for you because it's about that kind of romantic relationship. I heard the term friendsbiens. I think that's pretty apt. It's that kind of obsessive friendship you have with your best friend where you basically tell them everything. And what do you do when a guy Lennon and Jessica created and co-write the show, but they've had Fred Savage at The Homes direct several of the episodes. Is that the guy from the Wonder Years? I think it might be. I knew it. That guy is, he's directing this? He's amazing, he's a great director, and he's really kind. Yeah. Like he's a really kind guy, and he's obviously, he 's been an actor. And he's done a lot of acting. So he knows what it's like to be in the position of the actor. We have him direct all six of our episodes 'cause we can not have any one else direct us. He 's got a specific vision. Yeah. He's got an incredible energy that he brings to set. And he puts up with us, which I think is something great. We're real in his business, and we don't. Oh, up inside of his business. Alright . There is no way they're gonna put that on any kind of real thing that he added in watch. Seeing them interact together. Yeah. He really knows how to. Well, I mean obviously, he's been there, you know what I mean? Exactly. I mean, the kid was born into this whole world, and knows exactly what tactics work I think, with children. Here's a little boy, but he was acting. Right. And I think she totally responds to him. And like he can have that connection with her that nobody else can have. Like I've been there, I get it. Yeah. I know exactly what you're going through. But she is so funny, she's like a total show stealer. Well it seems like she gives the adults on the show a lot of advice too. Yeah. Yes, she bosses them around. Thanks for joining me and be sure to check out the premiere of NBC's Best Friends Forever. It's very real, so there's a lot of living together, awkward situations that come up like when she's here it's hard for Joe and I to have sex. Right. You know, I don't think I've ever had that conversation with my parents, but they're going to be watching it along with all the Bible scripts, you know, at a Methodist church. So, get on board!

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