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The Best Edward and Bella Moments

Road to Marriage: Our Favorite Edward and Bella Moments Over the Years

In anticipation of Bella and Edward's walk down the aisle in Breaking Dawn Part 1, we're looking back at our favorite moments from their relationship so far. From their cute debut as a couple to their intimate proposal, hear why we love these milestones so much!

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Oh, my God! I love it when Edward and Bella show up in school for the first time. Edward puts his arm around her and everybody's staring, but and neither of them seemed to care. It's a total milestone on their relationship. And it doesn't hurt that Edward looks super hot with the sunglasses on. I'll be with you forever. My favorite Bella and Edward moment has to be the prom scene in the first movie. Edward comes and then picks up Bella and she walked down the stairs in a dress she borrowed from Alice and she's wearing a boot on one side and a Converse on the other. Crutches. Perfect. Then once they get to the prom, the atmosphere is magical and perfect. The most ideal prom setting you could imagine. They dance under the lights outside and you know that they're falling in love. The big, passionate kiss at the end of New Moon is amazing! It's the first time that Edward and Bella really like, make out. There's this big, long slow motion running scene and she thinks he's going to die and she runs up to him and he's shirtless. So, that's awesome, too. And they share this big kiss and I just loved it when I saw it the first time. I remember seeing Eclipse for the first time with a bunch of the girls in our office. And I was literally holding my breath for the first 5 minutes the movie. Marry me. Edward and Bella are in the meadow and he's pulling back her hair and kissing her neck and kissing her ear. It was really pretty hot and then he asked her to marry him and she doesn't take the news too well and turns him down, which kind of ruined it, but you know what, it all worked out in the end. Edward asked Bella to marry him many times, but when he actually does it for real, it's the most sincere proposal ever. Of course he gets down on one knee, and then he gives her his mother's ring and says the sweetest things to her. Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment forever. I love how nervous he looks when he was asking, and how relieved he is when she finally says yes. So, just like human guys, even vampires get scared when it's time to propose.

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