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The Best and Worst Irish Accents

Video: Who Has the Best (or Worst) Irish Accent?

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we've gathered six sexy stars who've taken on the Irish accent onscreen. From Brad Pitt turning in two performances, to Colin Farrell calling upon his real-life accent, take a listen in this PopSugar special, and let us know who you think had the best (or worst) Irish accent!

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Okay, Bob. You're good here. Hit me hard. Something like that. Cheers. When these 6 guys play fighting Irishmen on the big screen they got to be spirited and oftentimes shirtless. But who did the tricky Irish accent the best? In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, we've rounded up their work so you could decide. I did well tonight. Didn't I? Let's start with Tom Cruise. Tom tapped into his own ancestry when he played an Irish immigrant in 1992's Far and Away. Planting what I want. Oats, corn, potatoes, God knows that potatoes. I told ya, I warned ya. Brad Pitt He broke out his best Irish accent for his role in 1997's The Devil's Own, and again just a few years later in Snatch. Now save your breath for claiming your prize. Have I made myself clear about it? I should know this, darling, but, are you mad at me? The Scottish Gerard Butler switched things up for P.S. I Love You spreading lots of green and wearing lots of green and even dancing a sexy jig while dressed in four-leaf clover patterned boxers. Why can't I meet a cute, carefree Irish guy who sings all the time? 'Cause you can't sing without making dogs bark? I come from a long, long line of Dingle O'Brady Callaghan's. British actor Matthew Goode also tried out the accent during his turn as an Irish innkeeper in Leap Year. Will you marry me? It's getting damp around here, so I want you to be, Anna from Bassan. Be of good cheer, it's Christmas. Then there's David Boreanaz, who showed off his language skills when Angel had a flashback on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A man playing his cards should have a natural intelligence or a great great deal of money, and you're sadly lacking in both. My name's Syracuse, people call me [xx]. And finally Ireland native Colin Farrel called upon his real-life accent to play a father and fisherman in 2009's Ondine. I've been sober two years seven months and eighteen days. This is where they all clap, father. Where'd you see that, in the movies? Yes. OK. OK, so Colin may have if we had a leg up on the language. But before you decide who did the dialect the best, here's what these leading men had to say about their own performances. Accents are either they bring you into the character or they keep you away from the character. It's one or two extremes. Accents have never been my strong points. If in doubt with your Irish accent, you know, stick your beard on and it should should go fairly well. I would like to apologize to the nation of Ireland for completely abusing your accent. Let us know who's accent you think could have used a little more magic and who you think hit it on the head.

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