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Blake Lively at Versace For H&M Event (Video)

See Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and More Stars Party It Up For Versace For H&M!

Last night's Versace For H&M launch in NYC was full of hot young stars! Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Chace Crawford, and more famous faces came out to celebrate the exciting collaboration, and we chatted with some of the guests before they headed inside. Check it out in today's PopSugar Rush!

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Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw. We hit the black carpet last night as Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and more stars came out for Versace for H&M. It's in today's PopSugar Rush. The stars are excited for Versace for H&M! Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, Selma Blair, and more gorgeous ladies gathered at New York's Pier 57 last night to get a sneak peek at the collaboration, and in typical Versace style, it was an opulent affair featuring a runway show and performances by both Prince and Nicki Minaj. NICKI MINAJ: All the girls want to dress like Versace, but you can't always afford it, so now it's here. PopSugar editor Allie Merriam chatted with the stars as they made their way inside. Choosing a top pick from Donatella's colorful designs is a tough task, but some of her celebrity guests were able to choose their favorites. SELMA BLAIR: This is one of my favorite pieces, I just had a baby, so this was the most forgiving piece for a new mom. Selma told us she left her little boy Arthur back at her hotel, and she said being a parent is definitely harder than she expected. SELMA BLAIR: New motherhood is incredible and exhausting, and I think all mothers have lied in the past when they've said oh, it's blissful, isn't it the best thing ever? Yeah, partly. And we'll leave it at that. [laughs] But it wasn't just the ladies who came out to appreciate the Versace's latest line. Stephen Dorff, Zachary Quinto, and Chace Crawford also showed some fan support. CHACE CRAWFORD: Im not too savvy on the whole fashion thing, but I thought it sounded pretty cool, merging versace with H&M. The reason behind the partnership? We got it straight from Donatella herself: DONATELLA VERSACE: "I felt it was the right moment to reach younger crowds, markets." The Versace for H&M line comes to stores on Nov. 19.

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