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Blythe Danner Interview For The Lucky One

The Lucky One's Blythe Danner Admits Why She Likes Zac Efron: "I Loved the Way He Treated His Mother"

Blythe Danner costars in this month's The Lucky One as the grandmother of Taylor Schilling's character, who falls for a former marine played by Zac Efron. I chatted with Danner about the film and how much she's like her character, as well as her bonding experiences with the other actors, to which she revealed why she thinks Efron is such a good guy. Watch her interview now, and be sure to check out the film on April 20.

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I had dinner with him and his mom and I loved the way he treated his mother. I said, "That's a good guy." Since I worked on her, I really tried to be more like her 'cause I love the fact that she was wise and had wonderful things to say. So, you play a grandmother and a great-grandmother. Great-grandmother! So did you get a chance to bond with Taylor and Riley, the actors that play. I really did. Taylor and I especially bonded and she really feels like another daughter to me. She's just wonderful. I saw her on her series called Mercy. I remember calling my agent and saying I love this girl. I want to work, be on that show and it was canceled. So when I heard she was doing this, I was very excited. And did you also get to bond and hang out with Zac? Saw Zac, you know, he was working really hard, he was working out. And so I didn't see as much of Zac I had dinner with him and his mom and I love the way he treated his mother. I said that's a good guy. There are a couple of scenes where it kind of looks like she's also checking out Zac's character and I was wondering if any of that was actually really happening. Yeah, I mean I think she has a good sixth sense about people and she immediately tags him for somebody who's good. She just senses that his daughter doesn't think he's going to be so great but she knows there's something about him that's important. Yeah. And they needed help first of all. So, she was gonna, you know, be trusting and then she recognized that he was made of good stuff. How much like Nana are you? Since I worked on her, I really try to be more like her, because I love the fact that she was wise and had wonderful things to say and knew when not to get in there. Knew when to butt out. I thought that was a great trait. I think we would all would like to be like that. Do you have the trait where you'll butt and if you see your loved ones struggling with something? Not unless I'm asked. You know if I see somebody coming from the outside and doing something to them, I will interfere, but they're all so smart. They're all very smart, my family. They teach me more than I teach them, honestly. And since your a grandmother in real life do you look for roles like this, where you can kind of play up your nurturing warm side? You know, I will do anything that is good and not embarrassing. I don't seek out roles like this but when they come along, I'm delighted.

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