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Brad Pitt Fake ID

Some people just don't think things through very well. When you are going to be involved in criminal activities, choosing one of the most famous men in the world as your photo on your fake ID is just not smart. Here's more:

A salesman tried to fleece a money exchanger in the United Arab Emirates by using an identity card bearing the picture of Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt, a local newspaper reported Thursday.

The Gulf News said the 29-year-old Jordanian had been told by his brother, who worked at the Dubai money exchange, that more than $23,000 in cash had been transferred to the bureau for a client who had not picked it up for more than three months.

The Jordanian then forged an ID using the client's name and a picture of Pitt. He hoped his brother would then be able to hand over the cash and keep a photocopy of the fake ID as record of the transfer.

In other Pitt news, apparently the stolen shower pics mystery has been solved. R&M reports that an arrest has been made. More pictures of Brad in Elle Decor and Newsweek where he was named one of 15 People Who Make America Great thanks to all his recent charity work so


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