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Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill at 2012 Oscar Luncheon (Video)

Video: Jonah Hill Calls Brad Pitt the "Bobby Fischer" of Pranking

Brad Pitt was paired up with his Moneyball costar Jonah Hill at today's Oscar nominee luncheon. Brad teased that he met someone by the name of "Jorge" Clooney at the event, and it seems Mr. Pitt always has the last laugh at least when it comes to pranking Jonah. See the two stars banter about their on-set antics in this video from the luncheon.

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Hello? People magazine. So many times I see people feel like they're becoming part of a graduating class when they give him this group of nominees. As you've traveled from the different award shows who've you made new friendships with gotten to know a lot better than you knew before begun sort of that family feeling? Yeah, I met this guy named George George. George Clooney. He's a very nice guy. Very personable, nice guy. Made some great friends, you know, with Sean and Damian, which has been a a pleasure both really distinctly different and strong performances, and it is a nice time of the year for us that we get to. Is that me? Excuse me. Yeah, we get to get together, and pay respect. It's really nice. There's a handful of your contemporaries for whom "celebrity" is not necessarily a dirty word: Angelina, George, Sean who have chosen to turn their celebrity into good. Where does that come from from you, and Jonah have you learned about doing good, from Brad, and your friendship? Probably not, probably not. It comes from this. It comes from many things. One is that there's no question we've hit the lottery in some way, and as you travel around the world you see so many struggles, even our own country so many people are hurting right now. And based on longitude and latitude, where they were born, what opportunities they're gonna have. And I've always wrestled with that and I fortune or a helping hand. I think it's been one of the nicest things about where I get to stand today. Yeah, I think just learning from Brad that we have won the lottery, we're super lucky, and to just give it back, you know, make sure and give it back. Brad, you said you had a chance to talk to Damian, have you seen his movie. Yeah it's an. I tell you it's an extraordinary film. It's an extraordinary, subtle performance. It's certainly a, you know, a matter we're wrestling with here in the States. And to humanize that argument I think has great importance beyond the film itself, but the story is painfully moving, and I think it's an incredible performance. Incredible. And he sent me a bottle of tequila so I figured. American Urban Menu right here. Hi, congratulations guys. Gentlemen for you, this is like, you know when it's like you're really grown up and all of a sudden you're here with Brad and the guys. How do you feel about that? I'm the zone, man. He 's really grown up, he's really grown up. This is super bad. Why do think this movie for both of you struck such a chord? I know, you know, baseball, the American pastime, there's something special about that struck a chord, why is that? I mean for us it was this story of value and getting second chances. People have been devalued from their, by their occupation, their surroundings, and may have worth and that 's what these guys did at that time they found this whole pool of talent that had been dismissed and disregarded, and I find that very interesting, disregarded because of aEvaluation system that was erroneous, but we've been doing it this way for a hundred years, a hundred fifty years, so it makes me question what is success, what is failure? Maybe it's a string of that and we don't need to be summing each other up and certainly summing ourselves up whenever the last success or failure was. You have anything you want to add? Yeah, I think I think exactly I just saw it's being under valued and being overlooked for not being the obvious choice for something and that's exactly a good metaphor of what I'm doing standing here. You know, I believed in that. I just was really psyched to be a part of this movie that I really thought was going to something we're all proud of, and we are. So it's exciting. And we need to call out for the last question. John, I'm curious if you have been a victim of the press. because you got Brad here. Are you nervous going into the luncheon that they will probably pull the chair out from underneath you? I have been a victim of this gentleman's pranks. I call him the Bobby Fisher of pranks, because you try and prank him and he is immediately three moves ahead of you. He is playing a chess game with you and It's the preemptive strike. It's the preemptive strike and then you think of an idea to get him back and he already knows what you're going to do and retaliates before you've even spoken the thought. It's really a, it's a masterful art-form with this guy and I was, I guess you could say lucky enough or justwas part of this. But not today. Not today. Yeah. Today is about celebration. Thank you very much. All right, thank you all.

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