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Brad Pitt Talking About Directing and Angelina Jolie

Video: Brad Pitt Says "Hell No" to Directing

Brad Pitt stepped out Saturday night at the Producers Guild Awards in LA and told us that while he enjoyed being by Angelina Jolie's side during her directorial debut, he himself doesn't want to take a turn as director. Brad also dished on his playful relationship with George Clooney and his upcoming zombie movie — listen to our full chat with him now!

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Now George had a little bit fun your expence did you now that was coming? I gave him my cane. Right. He always gets to pull the pranks right? He's my buddy, you know we're always having a laugh and that's at each others expense by the way, so it's good fun. Now Angelina's being presented with a very important award tonight. What was your reaction the first time you saw the finished cut of In the Land of Blood and Honey? Well, you know, I've been in it since the moment she woke up said I think I'm gonna write something, I have an idea, you know, and, you know, what was, what struck me more was being on set and realizing that they entire cast were,were either children or even adults from the war who experienced the war from both sides and they were coming together story and it was, it was very symbolic where the country could go, needs to go, is trying to go, and quite a remarkable achievement. Is directing something that might be your future maybe? Hell no. Why not? Just not interested, yeah. Now it's been a huge year also with Moneyball, you've got World War Z coming out. Why do you think zombies are so in Zeitgeist right now, with Walking Dead and all these other? Listen, I couldn't even begin to answer that one. I just know, I'm kind of into them, my kids are into them. And we're trying to do something a little different with them. We'll see if we get there. Thank you very much. Alright thanks, bye.

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