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Breaking Bad Cast at 2012 Comic-Con (Video)

Video: Breaking Bad's Stars Celebrate Their Final Season at Comic-Con

The cast of Breaking Bad attended Comic-Con for the first time together to speak at a panel and premiere the first episode of the show's fifth and final season. Hear the stars share what they'll miss most about their characters and find out who was behind the hilarious costumes they wore at the convention in today's PopSugar Rush.

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celebrate it, and then let it go. say goodbye. Breaking Bad stars gear up to say goodbye to the show at a costume Comic-Con. Hey, I'm Lauren Bradshaw at this year's Comic-Con where we're at the premiere for Breaking Bad. And I'm Karli Bulnes bringing you the latest on the shows fifth and final season in today's PopSugar Rush. You start to see her breaking apart. This is gonna be in business. This is just the beginning of the white family. When we go out it'll be big. It's the beginning of the end for Breaking Bad. The edgy AMC series had its season five premiere on Sunday, after the cast's whirlwind weekend at Comic-Con where some of the stars got into the conventions spirit by showing up to their panel Friday in costume that paid homage to their drug dealing characters. Our own Lauren Bradshaw caught up cast on the red carpet on saturday to talk about those hazmat suits and more. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul made a memorable impression at the Comic-Con panel in hazmat suits. So we asked who had the brilliant idea. I figured, why not? It's Comic-Con. People dress up and it's a nice reveal and it's such our story. And it's fun. I thought, why not. People here, they love to get in costume. And so I thought, "That's a great idea. Let's go in costume." And then, Dee Norris is comes in as Xena, the Princess Warrior, and it's like I've never seen Xena with a pot belly until now . The cast was all smiles during their first time together at Comic-Con, so the stars also got sentimental. There is only 16 episodes left of Breaking Bad, show comes to a close, so we asked several of the actors what it is about their characters that they'll miss the most. I'm gonna miss his carefree style, his easy smile. Personally, the people that we connect with, the families that we make on TV and behind it. Because we work so many hours together. I admire Skyler's fortitude. I admire her strength and the backbone of her, I will miss that. And I'll miss laughing with Bryan Cranston every day. We do those big, heavy scenes, and then we're poking each other and laughing and playing around. And I'm really gonna miss it. I will miss working with Bryan and Anna and everyone because they truly are amazing in everything they do. I'm just gonna miss her. I know she can be such a pain in the ass, but I loved playing that and I love that about her. I love her faults and I love that they're just out there. I'll miss thisWe 've had a great time. Emmy Nominations will be announced on Thursday and three time lead actor winner, Bryan Cranston says he'll be sleeping through them. We of course will be paying attention and we'll bring you the latest on that, so stay tuned. As for Breaking Bad. You can watch it Sunday nights at 10 on AMC. For now, I'm Karli Bulnes, and we'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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