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Helen Mirren Doesn't Think She's Sexy, but These 11 Moments May Prove Her Wrong
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Daffodil Daffodil 10 years
She looks good but her hair looked a bit strange.
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
Britney is painful to watch when she opens her mouth for anything other than singing
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 10 years
She's a very bad actress. I don't know why she talks like that when she's acting. She must think it's funny or something.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
Ok seen it and I still do not like the hair...she should have just outright copied Posh and lost the fringe aka bangs. This is a happy day my dears
yeahmonmeirie yeahmonmeirie 10 years
Did anyone notice the music the band played as she walked offstage? It was "Thanks for the Memories"! That says it all for me. She's a has-been, did that.
sweetascandi81 sweetascandi81 10 years
I'm totally with babyinthecorner...she'll probably debut jayden with her next album *crossing fingers for justin britney reunion* ~Trust Fate*Have Hope*Love Always~
Irishgal Irishgal 10 years
Britney looks ok, not too keen on the hair. Her dress was a bit short!!! It seems a bit desperate appearing on Letterman for no apparent reason!!! She claims she hates the spotlight, but she loves it!!!
nyarce nyarce 10 years
she looks great BUT she better ... she has to keep making that money and get her groove and following back ... now there are two children to support and KFed is not going to bring in much dinero with his "rapping" career. THAT IS FOR SURE!
smartgirlglasses smartgirlglasses 10 years
Can't see the video, so maybe they talk about it on Letterman, but what's with the lack of a wedding ring?
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
i think everyone is showing up with the haircut because they have taken out their extensions, and after that there is no other option other than short! ~*~Life was Simpler back then~*~
estella estella 10 years
Lipo anyone? i would SO not put it past her. she loves those cheetos too much. OF course she wants to put herself out in the limelight and get a reaction - that is every celebrity's goal when they set out to "make it." then they get big and hate the paparazzi - but they still want to be famous, they just want to be in charge of their celebrity (ex: brit, jessica simpson firing her publicist.) hohan is smart cuz she recognizes that people go into the biz cuz they like attention.
melissabritt melissabritt 10 years
MBM What is up with celebs getting this haircut? Kate Bosworth, Jess Simpson, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole's like a red flashing light for "IMAGE CHANGE ABOUT TO HAPPEN EVERYONE LOOK AT ME". If she would just lose K FED, I might be able to say something positive about her...
kelly kelly 10 years
That's what i think too!And i've already told that.. no matter what she says or do she WILL get slammed.We will all agree on the fact that she hasn't been looking let say... "glamourous" those past two years LOL, and yeah sometimes she has done the silliest things ever . Now she's trying to do her best to look decent,well guess what people will still bash her.If she was fat people would criticize her trashy "fat ass",now she's got skinnier....well, that was too fast.She will just never win.Hahaha!People will always think that she should do this or do that.Act like this or like that.Some think she has to make a quick come back, other that she should stay home with the kids. That's why i feel like women take a certain pleasure to put other women down.Don't ask me why.And i think that's a shame for sure...
sofi sofi 10 years
That's part of her immaturity- she does ask for it over and over again. Hopefully she'll learn soon. I think her mother is partly to blame. She seems to be with her daughter a lot so she should be guiding her daughter. Doesn't her life experience with kids at least give her some knowledge of what NOT to do. At least Dina Lohan tries to stand up for her daughter (even if she is just trying to get some of her own fame).
PJM PJM 10 years
Although she had 2 kids in a short amount of time, I never doubted the old Britney would come back. She's still young (23?) which makes it a lot easier to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Plus being rich is helpful too! The outfit is too short and she does need to start wearing bras.
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Sofi no one was judging you hun. It all just made me think. I was talking to someone else on here about it and I said I see why people judge her shes asked for it NUMEROUS times and we are all ENTITLED to our veiws on them and such, but its just crazy how we all get over certain celebs it doesnt matter what they do they will be critized. -------------------- Do you want to play secret santa? Check out my new suite Once upon a Fab Finding Christmas and share all your holiday gift giving ideas and join in our fun!
PiscesJNJ PiscesJNJ 10 years
Bad dress, bad hair. She looks good for just having a baby. Overall...her 15 minutes is up. She needs to just focus on being a mom now. She wanted to grow up and now's her chance.
sofi sofi 10 years
t0xxic- I am sure you are just a cutie - don't worry. I feel like I need to clarify or further explain myself. Yeah, people (me) have been harsh to Brit, but she does put herself out there specifically for reaction. My feelings towards her really come from the fact that I feel bad at the disruptions her celebrity cause her children. 2 months after baby her focus should be on her children- and actually I am impressed they haven't been parading JJ around yet. I see her as still immature and just getting too wrapped up in her image. She's still young and should be enjoying her new family. Glad she wants to look better, but is she compromising her health? Sorry, things come off catty sometimes, but I also don't think it is fair to judge a person's personality based on one or two comments. peace..
nomerz nomerz 10 years
She looks good, but she still isn't to her fullest potential, lol.
Hollygolitely Hollygolitely 10 years
I'm not a Brit fan but, I hope when her new album comes out we never hear from Tranny Simpson again! I just want Jessica Simpson to go away.
juju4 juju4 10 years
So sad. Showing up on Letterman just to show off your body. It's like she saying, "Please people, remember why you liked me! I can get my body back! Don't go away!!". DESPERATE! She's not playing a clip of a song, or anything. She knows her career is 100% based on her body. When she was chunky she lost so many fans. I think that is really sad.
kelly kelly 10 years
GOSH! bluejeanie, i TOTALLY agree with every word you wrote.I feel EXACTLY the same way!!!Sometimes i'm just reluctant to post or read comments cause some are just MEAN for no reason!!!And 99,9999 percent of the time those comments are from women criticizing other women.It's silly but i think that's really sad. I wonder how those persons are in reality....
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
No I dont think a person thats supposed to be my friend would be that low lol but Just has me thinking a person says britney still looks fat post baby and then comes an tells me how great I look when Im bigger then her (hypothetically speaking) then wow what do they really think ya know? -------------------- Do you want to play secret santa? Check out my new suite Once upon a Fab Finding Christmas and share all your holiday gift giving ideas and join in our fun!
bluejeanie bluejeanie 10 years
thank you kelly. check out my latest blog. toxxic, no real friend would ever make fun of your post-baby body!! your body just made another person! mommies are pretty people!
kelly kelly 10 years
Wow...all i have to say is that women WORST ENEMIES are nobody but THEMSELVES.We can be so mean and judgemental. If you show some guy a girl's pic she will be either hot or not,PERIOD. Now show it to a woman she's gonna make a DAMN long speech about her hair, her weight ,her shoes,how she's dressed.If she had a tummy tuck or not.If she's too fat or too skinny if she' too muscular or too flabby,if her thighs are too thick or if they look like chicken legs.Why her dress doesn't match her make up!! LOOOL....etc etc etc etc and etc... And the list of these stupidities goes on and on and on.Women put WAYYYY to much pressure on their own shoulders to please not men...but other women.Who as i said previously can be so damn harsh and judgemental,for no specific reason.
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