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Britney Spears Family Femme Fatale Tour (Video)

Video: See Britney Spears's Tour Finale With Jason and Her Boys

Britney Spears finished her Femme Fatale tour over the weekend with a sweet finale featuring her family! Take a look at Jason, Jayden James, Sean Preston, and even Britney's mom as the entire group got down on stage to "I Wanna Go." It's in today's PopSugar Rush!

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Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw. Britney Spears wraps up her Femme Fatale tour with her boyfriend Jason Trawick, her boys, and the rest of her family in today's PopSugar Rush. "I, I, I want to go, go, go, all the way, way, way, taken out my freak tonight . . . " It was a family affair at Britney Spears' final night of her Femme Fatale tour! After 79 different shows worldwide, the pop superstar said farewell to her fans in Puerto Rico on Saturday night by bringing all of her loved ones on stage, including boyfriend Jason Trawick, boys Sean Preston and Jayden James, mom Lynne, and sister Jamie Lynn and niece Maddie. The group danced to Britney's hit "I Wanna Go," making it a sweet ending to the tour — though it's not the first time the family members have made an appearance on stage since Femme Fatale first kicked off. PopSugar editor TK is here with more. Britney has included her family in her performances throughout her Femme Fatale tour. She made Jason part of her sexy lap dance routine for "Lace and Leather" while performing in New York, and Sean Preston came out on stage during "Till the World Ends" when Britney was in Columbus Ohio. It's really cute to see them so involved. Britney celebrated the end of the tour with a belated bday party — and a cake! — before returning to Los Angeles yesterday with Jason and the boys, and she took a moment to thank her fans, tweeting: "To all of the amazing fans who I saw on this journey around the world. <3 you all."

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