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CJ Adams Talking About the Odd Life of Timothy Green | Video

The Odd Life's CJ Adams Talks "Family" Fun on Set With Jennifer Garner

CJ Adams plays a magical boy who grows from a garden to surprise his parents, played by Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton, in The Odd Life of Timothy Green. The movie premiered in LA on Monday, but before that we sat down with CJ to talk about the Disney project and what it was like working with director Peter Hedges for a second time. CJ also shared that being on set with Jennifer and Joel was "like having another family." Watch now for all that and CJ's Olympic favorites. The Odd Life of Timothy Green arrives in theaters Aug. 15.

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it was like we had another family, me, Joel, and Jen. They were like crazy though, like, "Whoa, you're in a movie? Whoa." So you worked with the director, Peter Hedges, before. Was it fun to kind of have a familiar face on set? Yeah, it was great, because I knew him before so it was so much easier to act with him because I knew him. And your character is this really magical, really fun kid, was that a fun role for you to play? It was really fun for me because I just liked being someone who was really great and was a great reference to everyone so it was really fun for me. Tell me about the leaves on your legs, were those actual or did they add those in after filming? Well, they were actual like plastic leaves that they had these silicone veins that they had, so they would tape the leaves on or glue them on top of this chemical thing that I don't know about. And you had to do that everyday and then get them taken off? Most of the time I didn't have them but a scene when my leaves would be showing, I would have them on. So tell me about working with Jennifer Garner. She was awesome because she was such a great actor and whenever I was struggling on a scene or something she would help me out, because she's such a great actor that the way she acted actually helped me remember my lines. And she said that she kind of played a motherly role to you on set, and made sure you had enough food, and watched over you. Yeah, it was like we had another family, me, Joel and Jen. And Joel was a really fun dad in the movie. Did you guys have a lot of fun on set, too? Yeah. We always were like talking and Joel was always cracking jokes, we were always having a great time together. You have a lot of interests in the movie, you play soccer, you are sort of musical. What are some of those things that you do in your own life? I love soccer, soccer is my favorite sport and I'm okay at music, like I used to play drums. so you're maybe better at soccer in real life than you were in the movie. Yeah. So what do your friends think of you being in movies and in movie theaters? They were like, crazy. They were like, whoa, you're in a movie? They were like, whoa! And I'm like, yeah, it's cool man. Are you watching the Olympics? Yeah, I have been watching it lately. What's your favorite sport to watch? I like swimming and gymnastics because I like people doing like ninja moves and stuff. What about beach volleyball? Oh, that 's cool too. My order is probably swimming, gymnastics and volleyball. Because I like people doing all those cool moves where they're like bringing it up and then they smack it down to it.

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