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Video: A Hot Beast, a New Superhero, and More Eye Candy on The CW!

It may still be Summer, but we're already getting excited about Fall TV. In this episode of The Buzz, BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal are breaking down the new shows — and hot guys — headed to The CW this season, including a very good-looking Beast in Beauty and the Beast, an arrow-wielding superhero, and a heartthrob doctor. Intrigued? Watch and get the details!

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in this episode of The Buzz, we're debating whether Beauty and the Beast, leading man is too good looking and also, looking at the CW's hot new super hero. Hi, I'm Becky Kirsch. I'm Shannon Vestal and we're bringing you the highlights of CW's new Fall shows. CW is getting in on Hollywood's fairytale [xx] with a reboot of the 80's version, 80's series, Beauty and the Beast. But there is a big difference between this version and that version, and that's that the Beast isn't that Beastly. Right this time around Jay Ryan is playing the beast. Where in the 80's series it was Ron Perlman. Now Jay Ryan is this very good looking charming actor from New and on the show he just kind of has a scar on his face. And there are times when he does transform into a character that is a little bit more scary, beastly, but I don't really see a problem that Christine Chris character is going to encounter. And, producers at the panel kind of skirted this issue saying his beastliness is on the inside and, that's what her character is going to have to get over but It's a little bit of a stretch for me. Yeah. I mean in the 80's Ron Perlman was a beast at all times. Like you never even saw his real face. In this case, he turns into like this incredible hulk kind of beast sometimes, but it's still not, I don't know. Yea, I think you pointed out before that, thats not the biggest problem with Beauty and the Beast. Yea I mean I'll let you guys watch the pilot and decide for yourself. but The Beauty and the Beast isn't the only show that has hot guys. We also have a hot superhero with Arrow. Right. Stephen Amell is playing Oliver Queen/ Arrow, who, which is based on the DC comics, Green Arrow. It's about this New York City, or big city playboy who gets lost on an island for a while and then ends up coming back as a vigilante. It's sort of, the show is a mystery unfolding about what happened to him on this island. And now as you can tell from the title, he is really great with a bow and arrow. So Stephen Amell talked about the physicality of this role and how in his training he had to He had to learn archery, and the first thing he did was watch a 45 minute video of footage showing other TV shows and movies that have used archery badly. And how did Katniss rank on that one? He didn't name names of what was in that video because he is a gentlemen. Now what I think is interesting about this show is that the CW has three new shows for Fall but this is the only one that I think is really suitable for guys. Because you know superhero shows are always good for guys and there is a hot girl on this show too, Katie Cassidy who has been on Gossip Girl and Melrose Place as well. Yes and if you are familiar with the lore around Green Arrow, there's a character that, there's another comic book character that she may or may not turn into called the Black Canary. And at the panel a reporter asks Katie Cassidy if her character was going to become Black Canary, and she deflected to a producer who said maybe. Which in Hollywood speak to me is a yes. That sounds promising. I'd like to see a female super that would be cool. I would love to, yeah. Now what's interesting about the Green Arrow, is that we've actually seen him on the CW before, but he was played by Justin Hartley when he was on Smallville but now Justin Heartley[??] is on a new fall show Emily Owens M.D. And at the panel, Justin Hartley was on the stage at TCA. He told the best anecdote about how he got this part. He really wanted it, but when he first went in and read for it, he didn't get it. So, afterwards, his agent suggested that maybe people would take him more seriously if he was wearing glasses So Justin Hartly just goes down to the drug store, buys just any old pair of specs, goes back in, and nails that role. I feel like now when I watch that show I'm going to be distracted knowing that those glasses aren't real. Yeah possibly but I think, I think it makes him look smarter. Well, he is pretty cute on the show and he actually plays the top crush of Emily Owens who is played by Mimi, if you don't know, is Meryl Streep's daughter, and she plays this sort of like hapless, like awkward character who is really good at her job that is sort of lost in everything else in her life. And when I interviewed Mamie Gummer, I asked her about this and she said that she's very different fomr that character. She's a little more sarcastic, a little more drive but she said that she loves Emily's optimism and hopes that she doesn't lose that. I really love spending time in her head 'cause it's a really pleasant place to be. Well, at the panel, people asked if she was the same kind of adorkable that New Girl's Zooey Deschanel's character Jess is, and she said kind of. And I see that, although, watching the pilot I really felt this is Meryl's daughter, she's a great actress. I think this show is going to do well. Yeah, I agree. Well, those are our highlights from the CW. I'm Becky Kirsch. I'm Shannon Vestal, and thanks for watching The Buzz.

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