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Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison Interview (Video)

Cameron Diaz on Why She'll Never Join Matthew Morrison on Glee

Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison play one of several expectant couples in the upcoming ensemble movie What to Expect When You're Expecting, and while neither of them is parents themselves, they both told us they have quite the background with babies. In fact, Matthew has even delivered two! We chatted with the costars at a recent press day for the movie in Beverly Hills, where we also discussed if Cameron might appear with Matthew on Glee anytime soon and her impressive workout regimen. What to Expect When You're Expecting hits theaters on May 18.

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He had delivered two children do you understand. I had the best research. They would never let me come on Glee. They would never. If I had to sing to be on Glee, they would never let me on Glee. So your characters are contestants on a celebrity dance show, in this movie, so who has better moves? He does. I do. He's amazing. He does. Not modest about it. He's like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. It was amazing. He's like butter, he's smooth. But I mean as a guy you have to lead a lot. And she was so willing to let me lead and that takes a lot. It does, especially when you're the alpha. Well your characters a celebrity trainer, and you're a dancer on this show, so you're both very athletic. Did you guys work out together during the shoot, or kind of keep each other on your diets a little bit. I actually saw her in the gym in the hotel a couple times. She is a champ, man. And what about you? I run a lot. I'm a big runner. I can't keep up with her. I can't run like you do though Yeah, but you look better than I do, so come on. But you dance all day! You do dance a lot on Glee and now I'm wondering now that you guys have worked together, Matthew, are you trying to convince Cameron to come on the show? They would never let me come on Glee. They would never. If I had to sing to be on Glee, they would never let me on Glee. It's not gonna happen. I somehow think that you could get on Glee. Really ? Yeah. We'll talk to Ryan about it. Sounds like maybe you don't want to. No, I'm terrified. It would terrify me. Terrifies me every day too. I'm really curious because your character is this woman who unexpectedly gets pregnant a little late in the game, not something she's planning on. Were there any friends in your life that you could talk to to sort of talk about what it's like to have a baby later in life, and what that experience is. Yeah, my sister just had her third child at 30. She was 40 when she gave birth during her 40s. And I also saw her obviously, 15 years ago when she gave birth to her first child, when she was in her mid-20s, the difference between those pregnancies, so I saw that. And then I have plenty of girlfriends who have been pregnant later on. Most of my girlfriends started later in life. And so I've seen it. It's kind of just normal to me in a weird way. Yeah. But what was interesting was knowing my sister as, you know, in her 20s and then, in her late 30s having a child and the difference between the pregnancies and then, after the pregnancies, sort of what the body, 'cause the body does change a lot. Right. But my sister's a champ. She's like a machine. Yeah. A bed machine. Neither of you are parents currently, so what sort of research did you do to get in the hub state? He has delivered two children, do you understand? I had the best research My dad is a midwife so my senior year of high school, I went in to work with him. It was take your kid to work day, obviously. We deliveredd two babies, but my birds and the bees talk was him coming home with books of a lot of different vulgar stuff. Vulgar? What do you mean? It's not vulgar. It's beautiful. It's natural. No, like Oh, you mean really vulgar? Like crazy stuff. Like porno and stuff? Yeah, well, yeah. Really? Yeah . So you're an expert. I am an expert on the subjects. Well, close to now.

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