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Cat Deeley Interview Critics Choice Television Awards Video

Video: Cat Deeley Reveals SYTYCD John Travolta Aspirations

Cat Deeley won best reality host for her work on So You Think You Can Dance at this evening's Critics' Choice Television Awards in LA. Afterwards we chatted with Cat about what it's been like being on the show for nine seasons and her secret John Travolta dancing dreams for this year. Check out our chat with Cat and see all the Critics' Choice TV Awards red carpet pictures!

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Hi Cat, how are you? I'm good, how are you? Nice meeting you. Are we in a good spot? I know he's been shuffling us around. You look gorge! Thank you, as do you. Where did you get that outfit from? Zara. Love Zara. It's one of my favorites. Well, I love your gown. Who 's it by? It's actually Mulberry, but it doesn't feel like a gown weirdly. Yeah. It just kind of feels like you could almost wear it during the day as well. Right. Which is how I wanted to feel. Exactly. I never thought. No. Well, you had to have thought. No, no, no. Never. Seriously never. To the point of my producer actually taking the Mickey out of me today. I mean like, you know that Rue Paul's gonna get it over you because you actually look like more of a man than Rue Paul did. Oh, come on. I swear, I swear I've got video footage of me coming out of the men's toilet to prove it from my producer. And so, when they said it's a tie. 'Cause he said I would really like Rue Paul to win. And so when they said it was a tie, I was like, "This is not coming true. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. This is weird." So, I took everything that I knew not to tell a very rude story up there, but I didn't. You held it back. I held back because I had to hold on, and this is quite heavy. Yeah, you could pump some iron with that. Yeah, there's some serious business going on. Or if anybody gets into trouble down a dark alley, I'm your girl. Right. Exactly. I'm all over that. You did not set out intending to be a TV host so tell me how it feels to now be part of So You Think You Can Dance. You know what, it's kind of what I said up there, I never, you know, I came here seven years ago and and it was to kind of have an adventure and I leave home and just kind of do something that was different and drive on the wrong side of the road Find these supermarkets and find my way around. And yeah, I'm really lucky to be part of a show that I absolutely love. Well, have you brushed up on any of your own dance moves over the years? No. No? None. Have you busted a move? I'm saving America from itself would literally bleed from your eyes. If I tried to bust a dance move, you would bleed from your eyes. Although, season 9, so I've been thinking about it. Okay. Maybe. It's very secretive, but what if John Travolta and I did Saturday Night Fever in matching white suits. That would be kind of amazing. Have you discussed this idea with him yet? No, but I'm just harvesting there in my head. I like it. It's like ferreting away. It's like all. It's the full on, yeah. I like it. This could be great, and all the girls come out behind me in white suits as well doing Saturday Night Fever. You've just thought about this a little bit. Not very much, no, just when I've had a spare three hours. Right. Well, we'll keep watching and hopefully that's up next season. Get the petition. Okay. I like it. We will. Let's get everybody... Start like a Twitter following for it. Get like a pop sugar going. Okay. John Travolta in cap, white feet, disco ball, here we go. Exactly. I love it. We can do this, power to the people. Got it. Thank you very much, guys.

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