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Celebrity Game Show PopSugar 100 (Video)

Video: Gwyneth or Ryan? Blake or Drew? Watch Our PopSugar 100 Game Show — Pop Faceoff!

Tomorrow is your last chance to vote for your favorite celebrities in our PopSugar 100, but before it comes to a close, we're putting our PopSugar editors Molly Goodson and Lauren Turner to the test one more time with our game show, Pop Faceoff. Lauren won the last time we played, but Molly is looking for an upset. Who will win? Watch to find out!

If you want to take part in the PopSugar 100, play now before voting ends on Sunday!

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I'm gonna go with Simon on this one. I'm definitely disagreeing. I think it's Alex, it was totally her year. Hi, I'm Karli Bulnes and welcome to Pop Faceoff. We are watching our sixth annual PopSugar 100 race very closely, and we are using our popular face off game to help determine the rankings. Today, we've got seasoned pop culture pros Molly Goodson and Lauren Turner. Molly, you're going first. We've got Gwyneth Paltrow versus Ryan Reynolds. Now, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ryan Reynolds are both huge A-list movie stars, Ryan Reynolds has his new love with Blake Lively which is keeping him in the headlines but I think this is gonna go to Gwyneth. She has been looking phenomenal. Everywhere she goes, she's just like such a red carpet star, and now she's in the Avengers, which is breaking records. Gwyneth . Lauren, dare to disagree? I think I have to agree on this one. Actually, Ryan Reynolds takes it. No, I have lost my touch. What? Hate it. That is surprising. 65% of you at home say Ryan had more than Gwyneth. Wow, wow! That means Lauren takes control of the game. I'll take it though, I will take it. All right, turnover here, we've got Matthew McConaughey versus Sophia Vergara. All right, Sophia Vergara obviously, Modern Family. She's hilarious, she's been looking great on all these red carpets. And you know at the Met Gala in Marchesa. And then we've have Matthew Mcconaughey who is hot, and has an adorable family. Has Magic Mike coming up. Some shirtless stripping. I think the ladies are gonna go with Matthew, so I'm gonna go with Matthew. Molly? I have literally nothing to lose so I am going to challenge you and say Sophia. And Sophia is the winner, with fifty percent of our readers! Whoa, alright! Vindicated! Molly picked it best, and she's got two points on the board. We've got Kate Bosworth versus Cameron Diaz. It is the battle of the fashionable blondes, here. Kate Bosworth helped launch her JewelMint this year. And she's got her love with Michael Polish, but I think that Cameron Diaz is is just a star, people love her, this haircut has been getting her enough headlines, get her to the top. I think Cameron. Lauren? I think Molly's spot on with Cameron. They're both going for Cameron and so are 73% of our readers. That brings Molly to three points. Lauren, you're not on the board. I'm gonna get in there, I'm gonna get in there. We've got Katie Perry versus Kate Moss. Kate versus Kate, who will it be? Kate Moss is still one of the biggest supermodels in the world, she got married this year, while Katie Perry Perry actually got divorced. So, I think that Katie Perry is gonna take this one, she has been everywhere, she's got new love, you can't turn on the radio without hearing her songs. Katie Perry Lauren ? I'm going to disagree, I'm going to go with Kate Moss. You think our readers are more into Moss? Yeah, I think she has some seriously loyal fans. All right, we've got a disagreement here, and 76% of the fans agree. Not even close, I had to try. She got four points. She's one away from taking the win. Lauren, really, you've got to get in there. Okay, I know. For the win, Blake Lively versus Drew Barrymore. This is a really hard one to end it. Blake Lively, Gossip Girl, love with Ryan Reynolds, everyone loves the way she looks every time she hits the red carpet, but Drew Barrymore, she allegedly has a baby on the way, and she had big miracle, Drew Barrymore. Really? Lauren, what do you think? I'm gonna disagree. I think Blake Lively. All right, Lauren's trying to get control of the game before Molly takes it all. Molly says Drew Barrymore and it's Blake Lively. Alright, I have a chance. Lauren takes control of the game, she gets two points on the board. Simon Cowell versus Zooey Deschanel. Zooey Deschanel all over TV with New Girl, which is hilarious. Simon Cowell, though, he's got the X Factor, people love that. I'm going to go with Simon on this one. Lauren says Simon. I am definitely disagreeing. I think Zooey. Simon's been around for a while, though. Yes. All right, let's see what our fans say. 73% of fans say Zooey Deschanel had the bigger year over Simon Cowell. I think that gives me the game. put over the edge, she's got six points. She takes the win. Congratulations Mollie. Thanks. Lauren, nice try. Thank you. Better luck next time. Pop came back and forth there, a nail biter. It is a tough game, but it is incredibly addicting. If you wanna play the face off, head to and you could win $2,500. I'm Carly and thanks for watching Pop Face Off.

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KarKarB24 KarKarB24 3 years
 @roberta58 Ha! Thanks Roberta, you just made my day! Thanks for watching this — we're hoping one day to open up the game to our viewers/readers!!
roberta58 roberta58 3 years
I vote for Karli !!!  She' a 10 !!!
KarKarB24 KarKarB24 3 years
tough matchups in this one! my gut says Gwyneth over Ryan and Blake over Drew!
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