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Celebrity Social Media Videos | Week of Aug. 2, 2012

Video: Sofia Vergara's Engagement, Bikini-Clad Gisele, and More of the Week's Best Viral Videos!

Watch home video of Sofia Vergara just moments after Nick Loeb reportedly proposed to her, see Gisele Bundchen in all her bikini glory, hear Carly Rae Jepsen's latest web hit, and check out more of the week's best viral videos in this PopSugar Rush. Then watch them in full online.

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Home video from Sofia Vergara's alleged wedding proposal, a bikini clad Gisele Bundchen, Carly Rae Jepsen's latest web hit and more. Hey guys, I'm Karli Bulnes and this, of course, is Lauren Bradshaw. Hi there. We are showing you the week's must see online clips starring celebrities in this PopSugar Rush. Once we were to the top of the pyramid, my mother's long time boyfriend proposed to her. I love Sofia's huge smile to match her huge diamond ring from long time love of Nick Loeb, which he gave to her during a recent trip to Mexico to celebrate Sofia's 40th birthday. Now, this new clip comes from Sofia's aspiring film-maker son Manolo, and what's interesting is he says that Sofia got to proposed to on top of that pyramid which is kind of confirming that she's engaged for the first time. Right. I mean I get I don't know, I wouldn't take the 100% yet. Right. Because Sofia herself hasn't confirmed it either way. But a fun side-story to add to this that they show later in the video is, you know, they went to Chichen Itza. Most people aren't allowed to climb the ruins, because they're so old. But they got special permission that they went to the top. Okay. But I guess she went down the wrong way, because then they threatened to kick her off the premises. Oh no. Well, that makes for a fun college story at least, right. Yeah. Okay. Next up, we have Gisele Bundchen just the way we like her, in a bikini. Well, Gisele is the face and the body of David Yurman's 2012 campaign, so they posted this, but there's no sign of her pregnant belly here. We know she's pregnant, but we don't see it, so I'm assuming they shot it a while ago. Yeah, that's probably true, but what also strikes me is how naturally beautiful she looks. Looks like she's not wearing much make-up. Right. And you can see all her freckles which I just think is adorable. Yeah. Okay moving on, have you seen Carly Rae Jepsen's latest web hit? I have. So after Call Me Maybe, she's looking to strike internet gold again with this video that she shot with Owl City. Well, this song is what you would expect from Carly after Call Me Maybe. I mean it's light, it's fun. And it's also the result of a connection with Justin Bieber. His manager, Scooter Braun, actually introduced her to Owl City, so that's how all of this came about. Oh, that's pretty cool. And you know, Carly's getting ready to go on tour with Justin on September, so maybe there'll be some more connections and more Carly. Right. All right. Finally, we've got Gwyneth Paltrow looking uber-glamorous to talk about her love for gangster rap. I have a very, very eclectic taste in music. It absolutely depends on my mood that day because I can get just as energized with coming to country music as I can from gangster rap. Gwyneth has shot a really hot ad for Hugo Boss's new fragrance. and this is a behind-the-scenes clip from that shoot, in which she gets a little more personal, and she shares that she belongs to a very musically-minded family which obviously includes Chris Martin, Coldplay frontman and husband. Yeah, and we know Gwyneth's a big fan of all different types of the genres of music. She sang country in "Country Strong." We even heard her do a cover of Straight Out of Compton. So, we know she likes gangster-rap, but it's still fun to hear her talk about it. I love that about her, and I would like a repeat performance. Yeah. Thank you so much Lauren. Of course. And stay tuned to PopSugar TV as we continue to collect the best star studded videos making the rounds online. For now I'm Karli Bulnes. I'm Lauren Bradshaw. And we'll both see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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