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Celebrity Social Media Videos Week of July 12, 2012

Video: Britney Dances to Vanilla Ice, Bieber Fever in Japan, and More Celebrity Viral Videos

Our favorite social-media-savvy stars continued to delight us by sharing behind-the-scenes and candid clips online. From Britney Spears busting a move during The X Factor auditions to Brad Pitt's brother starring in a clever ad campaign, we've gathered the best viral videos of the week in today's PopSugar Rush.

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Britney Spears busts a move to Vanilla Ice, Justin Bieber connects with fans in Japan, and more candid clips starring our favorite social media savvy stars. Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes and joining us is Lauren Turner. Hey, happy Friday. Happy Friday. We've got the latest and greatest viral videos in today's PopSugar Rush. A new promo for the X Factor actually paints Britney Spears as a really tough judge, but fan captured video at the North Carolina audition show that she's really not shy about showing her support. Not at all. For the audition or two she actually believes in. Let's take a look. I love that Britney looks like she's having so much fun during this grueling audition process, which can take hours, but she did just get back from a Hawaiian vacation with Jason and her boys. She was looking refreshed, super hot in a tight black dress. And even though her other judges didn't really get in on it, that definitely did not stop her.It doesn't bother her and she is having so much fun even behind the scenes, you know, she shared videos of her and Simon eating some southern food and she also played coach and sort of made this little cute game plan for all the judges. Really cute, yeah. She's one of the more active celebrities on Viddy, but Justin Beiber is right behind her, and he's in Japan this week and he showed off a couple videos that really proved that he is an international pop star. So, here he is performing Boyfriend in front a very excited crowd in Japan and he's been traveling all through Asia promoting his album. He'll head to Australia next but he says he already has some jet-lagged, but that definitely did not slow him down, he looked really good in his performance. Yeah, I couldn't tell at all. And staying on the international theme, let's go to Mexico. Let's. So, Sophia Vergara is celebrating her 40th birthday. Now I cannot believe it. I mean look at this woman's body. She looks amazing. She looks great. And not only was she celebrating her big birthday but she also reportedly got engaged to boyfriend, Nick Lowe. So exciting. And she and nick were posing on the beach together, Sophia was wearing a cut-out super sexy black dress. Very Sophia. And actually her Modern Family co-star Jesse Tyler-Ferguson got in the fun too. Lots to celebrate there and yes. Taylor Swift is another star who's celebrating something and this week. She's known for being really humble almost to a fault, but we've got video of her showing off. So let's take a look. That all down the hallway. Crazy. Taylor filmed all these larger than life photos that are hung in the hallways down this office. And, you know, why not? She was just named Forbes highest paid celebrity under 30. She looks great, so I say, "Go for it." Yeah, her label's proud of her and they want to show it. Makes sense. Yeah. And finally, we've got a viral video from Mr. Pitt. Alright. Not who you probably think it is not Brad it is actually his brother, Doug. Okay. Let's take a look. Pitt, the second most famous Pitt in his family. Hello everyone, my name is Doug Pitt. And welcome to my home. Come on inside, let me take you for a tour. This ad is for Virgin Mobile Australia and it's a really funny tongue-in-cheek look at the second most famous Pitt. And clearly Doug is not an actor but he had a lot of fun with it. And he said he didn't tell a lot of people, but this video already has over a million views. Yeah, you know, he did let Brad in on the secret and Brad gave him his blessing and he also saw the finished product and called it hilarious and I agree, it's a really clever campaign. So do I. Thank you, Lauren, for running through all those clips with us. Of course. Let us know which one was your favorite, and meanwhile, we will continue to bring you the best videos celebrities are sharing online. So stay tuned to PopSugar TV. For now, I'm Karli Bulnes and we'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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