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Celebrity Summer Romances 2012 (Video)

Video: See Summer's New Celebrity Romances — Taylor and Conor, Ashton and Mila, More!

Love has been in the air this Summer, as we spotted countless celebrity couples kissing on the beach and during day dates, and the warmer weather also spawned a few new relationships! From Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy's PDA to Ashton and Mila's low-key courtship, we're taking a look at the biggest new celebrity romances of the Summer in this PopSugar Rush.

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So, Taylor Swift and Conner Kennedy P.D.A. to Ashton and Mela's low-key courtship. We're taking a look at the biggest new celebrity romances of the summer. Hey there. I'm Lauren, Bradshaw, and we're rounding them up in this Pop Sugar Rush. Love has been in the air this summer as we spotted countless celebrities couples kissing on the beach and during day dates. And the warmer weather also spawned a few new relationships. Joining me now to talk about this is Pop Sugar editor Lauren Turner. Hey, Lauren. Hi, lets jump right into this, who is one of the biggest new celebrity couples to step out this season Definitely Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy, it seemed like they were everywhere this summer, you know Taylor... 4th of July weekend at the Kennedy compound. And it was first believed that she was dating Patrick Schwarzenegger. But, it turns out it was actually Connor. And, we've seen them kissing and enjoying a lot of PDA all summer long. And there's even reports that she bought a house nearby but those were later denied. Well what do we think, you think their going to last past summer into fall? I mean their both young. They could, but you know they. Definitely going to be getting busier. Conner's younger, so he'll be starting school again soon. There were rumors thought that Taylor might bring him as her date to the VMA's so we'll have to see. Well, we'll look forward to that, so who's another couple who has stepped out this evening? Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, they were co-stars on That 70's Show and they were first rumored to be dating back in April, but they denied it at the time. Since then, they've been on movie dates and we've seen them kissing. And they even went on vacation in Bali. Right. Well, a vacation together is pretty serious. So, what do you think? Well, you know when they first got together, people were saying it was just because of their past, they were just friends, but it does seem like they're heating up. Last week they were at the Dodgers game kissing and there was Mila's parents. Okay, well one couple that has not survived unfortunately rest in peace is John Meyer and Katy Perry I mean this summer romance just didn't last that long. No it didn't they were. They first linked in June, and there were sources saying that they were making out earlier this month. But just last week, there was news that they'd already broken up. Yeah. Unfortunately. Well another couple that is going strong and it looks like they are gonna stay together into fall but they have a little bit of controversy surrounding them is Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy so what's all the Well there's a 20-year age difference between the two of them but they do seem pretty serious. Mary Kate stepped out with Olivier and his daughter back in June and there's rumours that they're planning on moving in together to a townhouse that Olivia's renovating. Okay, so I guess we'll see how they do as we get in to the later months. Final couple of the summer though is actually fairly new. It's Amanda Seyfried and Desmond Harrington, so what can you tell us about them? Well they were first brought up together last month, then they were photographed yesterday holding hands for the first time. And some might recognize him in his role in Dexter. And he also plays Jack Bass on Gossip Girl. Okay, well, we'll see what happens with them and the rest of these couples as we get into fall. Thanks, Lauren, for filling us in. Thank you. And I'm Lauren Bradshaw keep checking back to PopSugar TV for more celebrity coverage and we will see you next time on PopSugarRush.

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