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Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill at the 21 Jump Street Premiere

Video: Channing Tatum Says Likable Jonah Hill "Could Punch Someone, and Keep Them Laughing"

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill suited up Tuesday night for the LA premiere of 21 Jump Street. The onscreen police partners have become close off-set as well, and Channing was happy to talk about how likable Jonah is — hear our red carpet interview with the stars in PopSugar Rush.

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Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and we're taking you to last night's 21 Jump Street premiere where Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill talked about their friendship, and the rest of the cast opened up about partying while shooting in New Orleans. It's in today's PopSugar Rush! CHANNING TATUM: "He could punch someone in the face, and he'd keep them laughing about it. He'd be like it's fine, it's cool, I just punched you in the face, don't worry about it." JONAH HILL: "I've never seen Channing be mad at anybody, and he's just the loveliest guy, and I feel really lucky." Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have clearly become fast friends while working on 21 Jump Street. The guys came out for last night's premiere for the film in LA, where they posed for photos together side by side and chatted with our own PopSugar editor Lindsay Miller. LINDSAY MILLER, PopSugar Editor: Jonah and Channing have been wearing police uniforms to many of their press appearances . . . CHANNING: That's not true. JONAH: That's very true. CHANNING: That's the furthest thing from you true you've said all day. But Jonah and Channing ditched their costumes for the red carpet event, opting for more formal attire in suits and ties. How come? JONAH HILL: You know it's our big night, our parents are here, they wouldn't let us. In the film, Jonah and Channing play cops who go undercover at a high school, and even though Jonah is more known for his comedic chops, according to their costars, fans may be surprised to find out that Channing is also extremely funny. ROB RIGGLE: "You're going to see a side of Channing that you haven't seen before. We played like it was no big deal and he rolled with it, he's going to be taking over the comedy world too, there's nothing he can't do." DAKOTA JOHNSON: "He's so funny, and I feel like most people know him from being the hot guy in the romantic movies with the crying and the kissing and the rain, but he's so funny in this movie." KID IN CLASS: You look really old, were you held back or something? CHANNING: No, I'm super young The movie was shot in New Orleans, and New Girl's Jake Johnson who also stars in the film, told us that perhaps filming in the city wasn't the best idea. JAKE JOHNSON: I don't know if you know this, but you're allowed to walk the streets with alcohol. You're allowed to order an alcoholic beverage at a restaurant, pay your bill, and then walk out with a drink. ROB RIGGLE: No, we're professionals, we don't do that. One cast member that we didn't see on the carpet? Original 21 Jump Street star Johnny Depp. The actor makes a cameo in the film, and even though the cat is out of the bag about his appearance, the cast — including his original 21 Jump Street costar Holly Robinson Peete — tried to not give too much away. HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE: I have a little insight about what he's doing in the movie, and I am looking forward to seeing him. ROB RIGGLE: "I wanted to chat him up, I wanted to do all those things, but his time was limited, it was all business, I did introduce myself, he was very nice, and then we went about our business." You can see Jonah, Channing — and Johnny — when 21 Jump Street comes to theaters on Friday.

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