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Chelsea Handler This Means War Interview (Video)

Chelsea Handler on Reese Witherspoon's Dirty Jokes and Her Seriously Unsexy Sex Scene

Chelsea Handler may be worlds away from the married, slightly bored mom she plays in This Means War, but there's plenty about the part that her fans will recognize. A prime example? A decidedly unsexy sex scene Chelsea improvised that involves Cheetos, as well as a straight-talking banter with Reese's character she says is cribbed from their real-life friendship. We chatted with Chelsea at a recent press day for the film to talk about her circle of famous female friends, including Reese and Jennifer Aniston, her workaholic tendencies, and why she likes being interviewed even more than interviewing. Check out our interview and see This Means War in theaters on Valentine's Day.

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He eats Cheetos out of my mouth or I eat out of his mouth in the movie, while we're having sex. Reese told me a dirty joke She's southern though, so she thinks things are bad that are really like, to me, are normal. Right. I was reading that you said your character in this movie is you but married with kids. Yes, I did say that. Is that accurate? That's accurate. That's very accurate. So, is there anything about your character's relationship with Reese's character that kind of mirrors your real life friendship? Yeah, well, well, it's a relationship she and I have, you know, the way we speak in the movie is very, I mean that's how we are, so it was very natural to do that. But it's kind of role reversal because she is married in real life with two children and I am single. And so it was funny that I'm the mom and she was the single girl, but yeah, no we have a very, that's how I am anyway with people. So it was very easy to do that and it was great, so much fun to work together, you know? Yeah. It's fun to work with your friends. Right. Well, you have an amazing circle of female friends too, so who tells dirtier jokes? Reese or Jenn Aniston? Reese, probably. I don't know if they've ever told me a joke. Reese has, yes. No, Reese told me a dirty joke, yes. Can you repeat it here. No. It's that dirty? No, no, no, I can't remember jokes. I can't. I'm like terrible at jokes. But I know she told me something. Okay. But yeah. She's southern though, so she thinks bad that are really, like, to me are normal. Right. You know, she's like, "Ooh, this is bad." I'm like, "No, that's not." That's nothing. So in this movie, you know, she gets to make out with Tom and Chris. And you have what your character describes as a fat and ridiculous husband. He's pretty fat. Well he wants he eats Cheetos out of my mouth, or I eat out of his mouth in the while movie and while we're having sex so I mean he is ridiculous. That was maybe like, the unsexiest sex scene. Well, exactly. Thank you. You're welcome. Did you come up with the Cheetos thing? Or I did. You did? Yeah. Was there a lot of improv in that? There was a lot improv with everything we did. Michie[sp?] directed the film so that's basically leaves you without any direction. Sure. So I was left to my own devices. But that that's the way I like it. Good. I like to do my own thing. You've got so many projects going on right now. So you have been on the other side of the interviewer/interviewee? Yes! How does that feel? Do you like being on the other side? Oh yeah, it's much easier this way than to interview someone, I think. I think it's so, it's some especially if you have a dud. And, you're like, "Uhh." Or, people who are severely shy or don't like talk, you're just like, "Oh, my gosh." But it's no responsibility of yours in these situations. Sit here and talk about myself. It's the easiest thing in the world. Are you going to do more movies? Did you like this whole experience? I do. I mean, I love my TV show, Chelsea Lately, is my first and the foremost thing that I love. I love that show, and I loved doing it. I work a lot, so I don't get a chance to see movies, but I did do another movie called Funsize which will be coming out I think in the fall. And then, yeah, if fun things come along I'll bounce in and out of stuff. How do you kind of keep everything on balance with the TV show and now you've got, also, "Are you there, Chelsea?". I'm a, I'm a worker. I'm like, you know, I like it. I like to keep going and having different things. Anything else that you want to do that maybe you haven't yet? Well, I would like to get into porn at some point because that's a necessity. No, I don't know what I'll do next. I never know what I'm going to do. I never have plans. I never make plans, I just start doing things when they pop into my head.

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sisboomba sisboomba 4 years
@kissmestupid Good Lawd! What is this?
kissmestupid kissmestupid 4 years
Pardon me, what a lame interview. She mentions a "dirty joke" but she can't remember it. Uh huh. She is stumbling throughout, you can hear her grabbing for something to say.
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